Basic Twist

Times flies so fast, don’t you think? It was just not so long ago when I welcome you guys for the month of July and now it’s already August! This only means one thing : midterms are coming up real soon and I’m obviously not excited about it! But on the bright side, our school’s foundation week is also coming up (which means a week of free time for me! yey!) and of course, boyfie’s birthday!! We’re not planning on anything bongga this time though, maybe a simple dinner date or a mini celebration will do. Well see! 😉 (If you have any suggestions on where to dine in Cebu on this special day please please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, I will be happy to hear from you!)

I’ve been very busy last week (which explains the delay of blog post) cz you know, my parents are not in town so it is me who will be running errands especially paying billssss (with alot of s!) during this time of the month.

Plus processing my papers for graduation which is due this week and helping my lil sister find something to wear on her upcoming acquaintance party. Whew! #AteDuties So much to do but I’m glad that I was able to finish everything yesterday! *insert happy dance*

Too much chika I know! 🙂 Now time for today’s outfit post that I wore last weekend. Basic twist because it’s the basic tee + maong pants combo but with a twist. This pants is not your ordinary pants because it has this detachable jumper to it! I got this pants when I was in Taiwan (which is blogged about here, here and here) and actually I didn’t buy it the 1st time I saw it hangging in the racks because 1st it’s too pricey for me and that I wasn’t sure if I can pull it off. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wanting to have a jumper shorts/pants for a long time but after seeing the skinny owner of the shop wearing the same pants, I’m having second thoughts if it would look good on me too! But weeks after I  still end up getting it anyway. Diko palupig sa akong cute fats nuh! I’m gonna work it! LOL


I paired my jumper pants with this basic tee but with a twist too — a little peek-a-boo ribbon detail on the back! Also with flats and finished the look with my pink satchel bag I got from Tonic bags and shoes (@tonicbagsshoes on Instagram) to give a little bit of contrast to this neutral look. Let me know what you think!


Top : Basic tee with a ribbon details on the back from a random online shop a long time ago  |  Pants : denim pants with detachable jumpers from TaiwanBag : Pink satchel bag from Tonic bags and shoes (@tonicbagsshoes on Instagram) | Accessories : Blue belt | Shoes : Native flats from SoFab!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been helping my sister finding the perfect dress for her upcoming acquaintance party since I have more free time than she does. I’ve been looking everywhere from mall to mall, boutique to boutique but can’t seem to find the “perfect” dress that would suit their “spring” theme. It’s very tiring really, especially with the bipolar weather here in Cebu nowadays. So the not-so-lazy Kat went for online shopping! I’ve been searching different online shops like those on Instagram and Facebook but can’t seem to find one. So I googled (no shame here lol) and incidentally came across ZALORA. I was like, ‘why didn’t I even think of that in the 1st place?’. As some of you might not know, ZALORA is asia’s leading online fashion destination and is one of the largest online retailers in the Philippines. I like how everything is well-organized in their site, for example, if you’re looking for a stylish skirt perhaps, it is just one click away! You can even choose from knee-length, mini or long skirts! It’s very convenient! Go check out their website here and get a 250php off by just signing up! Cool right!? I never thought shopping would be this easy!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the first few days of August and don’t forget to hear mass today, okay? Have a blessed Sunday! 🙂

Love, Kat :3

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