Got Myself A Ring

Yep. I got myself a ring during quarantine.

As sad as it may seem with all these pandemic situation around us, being in quarantine, at some point felt like a wake up call not just for me but I’m sure for everyone as well. It somehow helped us reflect on all the things that happened in our lives and with that in mind, it also made us wish we explored on more things what we weren’t able to do or try on our crazy hectic ‘normal’ life.

One of the things that crossed my mind during quarantine was definitely about jewelries. I was never really someone who’s into jewelries in general. Well at least not yet but I do love my fashion accessories but I consider both a totally different thing. I always have this fear of having these valuable jewelries and potentially losing them because my short term memory self just keeps forgetting where I place things, thus the reason why I settled for fashion accessories.

2020-08-09 01.10.47 1

It started when my best friend who’s now based in Saudi, asked me if I wanted a Saudi Gold as she is willing to find a good supplier for me. Although I wasn’t quite ready for a Saudi Gold and initially declined my best friend’s offer for now, it made me realized that I don’t actually have any high value jewelry of my own.

I started searching online until I end up at Zoey.Ph ‘s website where they offer unique jewelry designs, matching the latest trends to the Philippines market.

2020-08-17 03.04.35 1

2020-08-17 03.04.36 1

2020-08-17 03.04.37 1

Although most of their rings are for bridal and engagement, it didn’t stop me from having one. I chose the ring set with Swarovski Titanium. It took around 2 weeks to arrived which is not that bad considering the lockdown situation we all are in.

2020-08-17 02.41.27 1

I was excited to open the ackage when it arrived and surely enough, the ring set was as elegant as I expected it to be. It came in a ring box with bubble wrap all over it. It comes with a zoey paperbag as well.

2020-08-17 02.41.33 1

Definitely recommended for affordable rings there is in the market. Visit their website for more styles! Still eyeing on those necklaces next for sure!


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