Taking Unli Samgyupsal to the Next Level at Mango Plate Korean Barbeque | Seoul, South Korea

It was our first official day in Seoul, South Korea and after a full day spent at Everland, what other way to end the first night but by dining at a legit Unlimited Korean Samgyupsal place, right?

It wasn’t my first time in Seoul and yes I have tried Samgyupsal during my first South Korea visit few years back but that wasn’t unlimited and to be honest, it wasn’t that much of a craze back in 2013. That’s why it made me more excited now because I totally don’t know what to expect at a Korean Samgyupsal. Would it be the same as what we are used to back home or would the meat be more delicious than what we had in the Philippines? I was dying to know!

After a full day spent at Everland, finally it was time for dinner. It was already part of the itinerary to go to a unlimited samgyupsal for dinner on the first night. It was one of my friend’s task to search for a decent place to go and I have to tell you, he did not fail! haha

We went to this place called “Mango Plate Korean Barbecue” in Gangnam, just a few minute walk from the MRT Station.

IMG_6559 (2)

How to go there?

You may search on Google Maps the ff address:

  • 강남 돼지 상회; or
  • 2층 Mango Plate Korean BBQ, 619 Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea; or
  • click this link, here.

Via MRT:

  • Make your way to Gangnam Station (Green Line/Line 2), Exit 11
  • walk 2 blocks, turn right, its on the Left after 1 block (see photos below)
  • Gangnam-daero 98-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Korea
IMG_6583 (2)
This is the building on the left side of the street, the restaurant is on the 2nd floor

IMG_6580 (2)

IMG_6581 (2)
the way to the 2nd floor is on the right side of the building

IMG_6579 (2)

IMG_6577 (2)
You have the option to take the elevator or the stairs

IMG_6573 (2)

Where Do I start?

Now that you’ve reached the place, congrats!! Now what? Korea is really a place of not much English but fret not. It is very easy to get started.

This place is a very tourist friendly restaurant. First you will be asked how many total person are dining and surprisingly there wasn’t any queue during the time we went (even if there’s a lot of chairs for outside for queuing) so we were then escorted our way inside.

IMG_6565 (2)

You will then be handed a very straight forward menu, which gives you 3 options to dine: A, B or F

A – (12,900KRW ~ 570PHP) Unlimited meat for grilling + Soy Bean Paste Stew + Assorted Vegetables
B – (14,500KRW ~ 640PHP) Same with option A + Soy Sauced boneless Chicken 
F – (16,900KRW ~ 740PHP) as the name suggest, Full Course where you get everything + Unlimited Rice, beverage and cold noodles.

*Prices in Peso may vary on the day of your visit

At the back of the menu comes with an instruction on how to order at their restaurant:

Step 1: Let’s choose a main menu (A, B or F)
Step 2: Let’s place the port belly with slits on the grill
Step 3: Let’s head to the salad bar with the white plate on your table. 
For more food, just go fill up the plate with meat or vegetables and eat as much 

IMG_6563 (2)

Now that you know what to do, time to start cooking and dig in!!

IMG_6545 (2)

What I first noticed at a Korean Samgyupsal place is that everything’s self service, which I really find convenient. You can just go ahead and get whatever you want, whenever you want it and don’t have to call a server and wait for another round of meat to arrive and it’s sometimes taking so long that you already lost your appetite. Am I right?

There is a self bar located at the middle of the resto, where the meat, vegetables and other condiments are located. (Photos below)

IMG_6555 (2)

IMG_6561 (2)

IMG_6548 (2)

IMG_6553 (2)

IMG_6552 (2)

IMG_6546 (2)

And holy moly!! Can we talk about this meat section?! That is definitely what we came here for!! and omg that two freezer with fresh cut meat (one for beef brisket and one for pork) readily available for grilling? I AM SHOOKT! BUT YASSSSS!!!

IMG_6547 (2)

IMG_6549 (2)

IMG_6551 (2)
We hoarded more on the beef of course! Mahal kaya to back home waahhahahhahha
IMG_6554 (2)
That’s my friend Jayel on our table as we were busy filling up the plate at the self bar.
IMG_6556 (2)
There’s another mini self bar on the other side of the resto.
IMG_6557 (2)
Can someone explain to me why everyone in the room had that huge blue plastic bag with them? lol

IMG_6562 (2)

IMG_6559 (2)

My friends, Jayel, Johanna and Remery
That’s JC and I
IMG_6569 (2)
We clearly left on a full stomach!

Overall, we are all for sure satisfied!! 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend! I’m sure there are a lot of Korean BBQ restaurants around Seoul but based on my experience, this is really something I would go back to especially if im super hungry because it’s so worth it!

Is there other Samgyupsal place in Korea you have tried? I would love to know on the comment section below!


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