Bye Cebu, For Now..

It is currently 2:13 in the morning as I am typing this. This post isn’t supposed to be written here and only for Facebook status but as I kept on typing, it became too cheesy and personal for a Facebook post (HAHA) and it got longer and longer so I thought I would just post this here instead. This is my online diary anyway. Soooo here goes 🙂

I was jokingly asked once before by my workmate, “What if you will be relocated in Manila, would you go for it?” And of course being the game person that I am (well at least what I thought I am) I laughed and answered ‘hell yes why not!’. (P.S The company that I am currently working at also has a huge hub in Manila so that’s why this question popped up)

Few years back, the idea of Manila really scares me and I don’t know why exactly. Not sure if it connects with me being born and raised in Cebu and that I am just so attached on how amazing this city is or maybe because of all the unfortunate news I heard happening in Manila and the crazy traffic they have. Maybe that but I don’t really know. Not until I frequently started to visit Manila last year that I realized it wasn’t that bad after all. Although visiting vs actually living there was a totally different story. And I know for myself that the living part is what I am certainly not ready yet.

Long story short, last week, me and my other fellow colleague got asked if we are all willing to go under a Japanese Language Training and without hesitation we all said yes. The next day I received a call saying that I was chosen as one out of a very few slots for the training and was asked if we are willing to take the training in Manila for a few months. My initial reaction was excited and flattered that I got this opportunity but then my thoughts suddenly became deep as I realized the idea of actually staying in Manila and being away from home. The most shocking part was that the training will start in the first week of November (that’s next week from now!). I was totally shookt! Wako kasagang mga beshies haha

Imagine how my train of thoughts has totally shifted from just relaxing at home for the past 3 days watching chick flicks to going home from work in total shookt and just couldn’t believe I had to deal with this kind of urgent situation. I was just watching a movie the night before for Christ’s sake! I still couldn’t believe it.

So I paused and weighed things. Called some of my closest friends and asked their opinions. Talked to my sister for their advice and most importantly, to my parents. They all have the same response, “Go for it!” It’s not everyday you get to have an opportunity like this and as what one of my friends said, “Any chance to learn another language is great. So take it and take it to heart.” I couldn’t agree more. I just really needed to hear it from others to be honest and I’m so glad I asked for advice from my friends.

Having to visit a couple of countries abroad and meeting OFWs along the way, I have always wondered how it feels like away from home and hustling in a different country. Is it hard? It should be hard I guess. My dad was once an OFW and being at home without him sometimes feels sad but let alone being the one actually out there alone and away from home. That must be the worst feeling. Lucky for me because I don’t have to experience life like that yet since Manila is just an hour plane ride away and is still in the same country. I might sound like I am far far away but still! This is legit my first time away from my family and friends in Cebu and I just can’t help but have mixed emotions. But then again, I am taking this as a challenge for my personal growth – not just career wise but also as a better, independent and more experienced person. Charot.

Overall to wrap this long and lengthy post, lets me list a few reflections that has been on my mind for the past few days:

  1. Life is indeed full of surprises!
  2. I believe jud that change is the only constant thing in the world.
  3. When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be.
  4. and because nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.
  5. Omg I can’t believe I will be able to learn Nihonggo and hopefully be certified when I get back!
  6. Can’t use na my #EatsSpree at Sugbo Mercado T_T
  7. My CaraCebu order transactions will for sure not be as fast anymore and I’m afraid every order will now be shipped and no more meet ups for now.
DSCF9143 (2)
Photo taken last year at BGC. This photo is meant to be just a remembrance but never really thought of it as a possible future work location.

I will be flying out next Monday. I will be doing half training and half work. Hopefully I have enough time to explore my new neighborhood. So excited to meet new friends and gain new experiences. Most especially because I am sharing this experience with my good friend, Hanna who will be in the same training as I am. I’m not quite sure what to expect and how all of this will turn out but there’s no backing out. I will badly miss the people at home and I will be missing out Cebu events for sure. I might be gone for at least 2 months or worst 9 months but when I get back, I want to be able to tell myself that, “so glad you took this chance”.

P.S. Okay I might be overreacting but documenting this anyway LOL bye
P.S.S. I am planning to have a “Life in Manila” blog series so I can share my life there. What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Bye Cebu, For Now..

  1. I guess no one’s ultimately ready for as such changes. But well, out lives are always in constant motion and revolving doors. Hope you’ll enjoy there. God bless ☺

  2. Oh Keissss! It’ll long be over before you know it! Do enjoy your time in MNL. And shoot many OOTDs around BGC and museums! You get to have new background for a change, hehe! Have a safe trip to the capital, Keis! Wish you the best!

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