Neko Bugyou at The Grid Talamban

Just found a Japanese spot that’s not just near our place but oh so delicious!

 It was a fine Saturday night when we decided to go out with my family and have dinner somewhere and we ended up at this Japanese spot. I’m talking about Nego Bugyou, located at The Grid in Nasipit, Talamban.

IMG_6038 (2)

I have been wanting to visit this place. Well this isn’t my first time here but my last visit was merely a quick one. I just want to have a chill night over chitchats and food or drinks and I thought this was a perfect place for that.

IMG_6097 (2)

Plus! There’s live acoustic every Saturday night! Just the way I like it.

IMG_5980 (2)

If you haven’t been here, The Grid is basically a food and creative park – a 1,000-square-meter property that is composed of around 20 establishments such as food stalls, commercial spaces, office spaces, dormitory, and event hall.

IMG_6108 (2)

Neko Bugyou was one of the food stalls available there. They just transferred here which I think was a great move because its more relaxed, spacious and has a very chill vibes overall. We basically ordered everything in the menu and everything was superb! haha!

IMG_6075 (2)

IMG_5999 (2)

Katsucurry – P198

If you are a fan of curry then give this one a try. This was my lil sister’s fave!

IMG_6002 (2)

Pork/Fish/Chicken Tonkatsu – P120 (with rice) | P110 (ala carte)

See that sauce on the left beside the cabbage? It just made everything tasty! I dip everything in it LOL

IMG_6039 (2)

Buta Shogayaki – P100 (with rice) | P99 (ala carte)

IMG_6052 (2)

Katsudon – P189

I like this too! Really delicious!

IMG_6055 (2)

Tebasaki – P120 (with rice) | P110 (ala carte)

IMG_6083 (2)

Chicken Karaage – P120 (with rice) | P110 (ala carte)

You will never go wrong with some Chicken Karaage.

IMG_6063 (2)

Chicken Teriyaki – P109 (with rice) | P99 (ala carte)

IMG_6069 (2)

Custard Taiyaki – P49
Nutella Taiyaki – P59

One of the best Taiyaki I had in Cebu! The custard was my fave!

IMG_6036 (2)

IMG_6011 (2)

We surely enjoyed our dinner. It’s really good to squeeze in some bonding time with the family every now and then especially when you have that free slot on your busy daily schedule.

IMG_6078 (2)

IMG_6076 (2)

IMG_6079 (2)

Always make time for family time and like what they say, “The family that eats together stays together.” ❤

IMG_6101 (2)

Quick #ootd shot because why not? haha

IMG_6085 (2)

Neko Bogyou is located at The Grid, Nasipit, Talamban.  You may follow their Instagram here and Facebook here for more updates.

IMG_5973 (2)


One thought on “Neko Bugyou at The Grid Talamban

  1. The food looks so delicious and the atmosphere is amazing!! Is that actually inside but the decor is made to look like you’re outside or is it really outside? ❤

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