Pool Day Sunday

IMG_0305 (2)

How are you guys doing!? I bet you’re in a situation right now where you wish you’re in a pool lounging around sipping your favorite drink enjoying the time of your life. Am I right? How I wish too!

I guess I’ve mentioned it before but in case you didn’t know, I ended my first job and now currently in a new one and its been almost 4 months already (whew time flies so fast!) Although my current job is much less stressful that the previous one (well at least for now) I still grab any chance of relaxation I can have like enjoying a pool day within the city!


IMG_0318 (2)

There are a few options to go swimming within Cebu City but when I knew that Marco Polo Hotel’s new Sunday Brunch+ package includes Dine and Dip, I immediately made sure I bring my swimwear during my visit!

IMG_0296 (2)

IMG_0314 (2)

IMG_0311 (2)

IMG_0310 (2)

Top: Bandeau Bra from Wacoal (used as top) | Skort: Thrifted | Slippers: Havaianas

IMG_0303 (2)

IMG_0267 (2)


Enjoying my Mimosa drink as part of Marco Polo’s Sunday Brunch+ : Brunch n’ Bubbles. 



More details on Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Sunday Brunch+ on my next post tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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