Body Whitening at Kevlo Skin Clinic

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I noticed you guys like these service review kind of blog post so here’s another one from Kevlo Skin Clinic’s Body Whitening!

Like I said, I always get a lot of traffic when it comes to my service reviews and I also got a quite number of follow up questions from the previous services I tried before (like my last visit at Kevlo and my perm lashes experience) and I’m happy to know that you guys are trying them out yourselves and are actually liking the services like I do. Not just you guys but even my personal friends are starting to try them too! I’m just overwhelmed of the positive effects of the things I post out here on my “online” diary and somewhat help you guys in someway. *sobs* *touched* haha Anyway, enough drama lets now talk about my body whitening experience at Kevlo. 😀

As promised, sharing you my experience in a few but before I do so, I just wanted to give a shout out to the people behind Kevlo for the warm welcome every time I come visit their branch. I was able to meet the main mastermind behind Kevlo during my recent visit and although it was just a short encounter, I can tell he is a down to earth person and maybe one of the reason why he is such a successful man. He even offered my boyfriend a free facial but had to refuse cz boyfie preferred to play on his laptop inside the car LOL #gamer

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If you’ve read my previous post about Kevlo, you’d probably know by now that Kevlo Skin Clinic has two branches, one at Talamban which I visited before and their main branch is at Panagdait, Mabolo – where I recently went.

Their main branch is more spacious compared to their Talamban branch but nevertheless, you will still get the same service from both branches and I believe their handlers are on rotation (if i’m not mistaken). When I stepped inside the clinic I was then greeted with a warm welcome from the receptionist and was accommodated right away. Since I went to have their Signature Body Whitening, I waited just a few minutes at the lobby for them to prepare the room. Remember the white slippers during my last visit? Its here again and I honestly low-key want to take this home with me! LOL I kid 😉

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I was then escorted to the said “room”. I haven’t really tried this kind of service so I don’t know what to expect. I was welcome to a nice and neat looking room. Apparently, this is the room where all the body whitening takes place.

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Cute set-up!

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Tip: this kind of service pretty much involves you being naked undressed so if you’re a first timer and is quite uncomfortable in this procedure, my tip to you is wear a 2 piece bathing suit (ready to get wet) during your visit and just bring an extra pair of underwear.

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For Kevlo’s signature body whitening,
(1) you will first be cleansed using Kevlo’s well known whitening soap, then rinsed with water,
(2) exfoliated using their in-house exfoliating cream, then again rinsed with water,
(3) applied with whitening mask using their in-house whitening cream (photo above)
then after 15 mins of the whitening mask, you will be rinsed with water and
(4) you will be transferred next to their curtain room (as what I would call it) to have the body diamond peel procedure which is shown in the photo below. In this procedure, they basically used a vacuum-like machine which actually takes off the dead skin that your body has after all the exfoliating that you just went through.

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Days after the procedure, you will noticed dead skin cells all over your body (esp after taking a bath and using a towel) and that’s normal.

As for the result, two of my friends notice a small change in my body shade and asked if I’ve done something to my body. As for my opinion, I really can’t tell you 100% yet if I’ve seen myself on a lighter skin tone since I’ve only done the procedure once and I am exposed to the sun almost everyday. I believe for best results, it is recommended to have the procedure on a regular basis to achieve the desired lighter shade that you want.

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading my experience and somehow gave you an idea on what to expect esp for those who are planning to try body whitening at Kevlo Skin Clinic. I’ve posted a list of their services available on my previous post here so make sure to check that out.

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Kevlo Skin Clinic’s main branch is located at the 2nd level of Bonifacio District, Panagdait Mabolo Cebu City. They also have a branch at Talamban, just right across USC-TC. Their clinics are open every day from 11:00AM – 8:00PM. You can dial 0917-7112974/ 0933-8605974 for appointments.

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Myself with Mark Geniston – the mastermind behind Kevlo. Thank you so much for having me!

Oh btw, Kevlo’s 10th year anniversary is coming up! Have you joined their on going trivia contest? Make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts to know more and you might be the lucky winner to bring home Kevlo products!

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4 thoughts on “Body Whitening at Kevlo Skin Clinic

  1. Hiiiii! i was looking for a review about their “Underarm Intensive Whitening” service. I was wondering if you have tried it already. They claimed that it will be one shade lighter in one session. Well, I’ve tried their products and facial services too, and they’re all GREAT! But, I still have doubts of their underarm service since I haven’t tried it yet. Anyways, I hope you’ve tried it too and I am also looking forward for your reply and for your next review about their underarm intensive whitening service. Thank youuuu! 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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