My Visit at Kevlo Skin Clinic

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Finally got to visit Cebu’s most talked about skin clinic – KEVLO!

This is actually not the first time I heard about Kevlo. I first knew about it when the sister of my bestfriend, who btw is very into beauty products, brags about how effective Kevlo’s skin products are (will show you that later) and this was long before Kevlo had their skin clinic. I got excited when they finally opened a skin clinic because knowing how effective their products are then it goes without saying that their services are as well. Since then I’ve been wanting to visit one of their clinics myself until just a few weeks back, Kevlo was kind enough to invite me over to try one of their best selling service – the Kevlo Signature Facial.

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I specifically went to their Talamban branch (since it was just a few minutes drive away from our place) and this is just one of their two branches here in Cebu. The other one is in Panagdait, Mabolo area.

I was greeted with a warm welcome as I enter the clinic and one of their staff was very kind to ask me if I could wait for a few minutes since the place was packed. The reception area felt so homey with all the wooden furnishing that I didn’t mind waiting for my turn.

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It was finally my turn and the first thing that they made me do was to change my shoes into their white slippers for sanitary purposes.

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As I was escorted to my ‘room’, I noticed how neat and organized everything are. Although I wish they had a little compartment for personal things like bags and whatnots. 😀

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Kevlo Signature Facial

Facial time!! The facial started with the usual procedure – cleansing, moisturizer, face scrub, warm steam, cool and then whitening mask. I have been with a lot of beauty clinics and had a lot of facial sessions already but what I really think this experience at Kevlo stand out among the rest was definitely the massage. Okay, not just one massage but like every procedure ends with a massage! It is the most relaxing thing everrrr I am not even kidding!

The extraction part after the warm steam was new for me too. Instead of the common pricking-by-hand procedure with other facials I had, at Kevlo, there was this high tech vacuum-like device that did the extraction. Can’t really tell yet how different it is from the usual pricking-by-hand since I didn’t see how much backhead/whiteheads that device got rid from my face (if that make sense lol) but overall it was a painless procedure and I felt very refreshed afterwards.

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I was supposed to meet the owners during my visit but they had an exhibit thing going on at Ayala at that time. Hopefully I can meet them next time so I can also ask more questions about their services and machines used and about the clinic in general.

Below is my mirror shot after my facial 😀 The one that handled me was caring enough not to touch my eyebrows! I didn’t even instruct her in any way. She must have knew and understood the importance of “Kilay is Life” LOL

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Kevlo Skinceuticals

Like I said, Kevlo was known first because of their beauty products and how effective they are before they opened up a skin clinic. They carry from whitening lotions, BB creams with spf to deodorants, underarm whitening cream and toner, soaps, etc.

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Kevlo Skin Clinic Services

One main reason why people always come back at their clinic is because of how AFFORDABLE their services are. I know some people don’t mind spending on beauty services from other major skin clinics (and thats okay too!) but I’m talking about those people esp students that wanted to take care of their skin as early as now without them having to sell their kidneys (lol i kid) and considering budget allowance from school. Kevlo wants to let you guys know that with Kevlo, “Beauty need not be expensive”

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Kevlo has two branches, one in Talamban, located right across USC-TC (shown on photos above) and one in Bonifacio District in Panagda-it Mabolo, Cebu City. Their clinics are open every day from 11:00AM – 8:00PM.

Follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts to know more about their latest offerings or dial 0917-7112974/ 0933-8605974 for appointments.

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Once again, thank you Kevlo Skin Clinic for having me and I can’t wait for my next visit. Definitely grabbing a few Kevlo products home with me next time!

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3 thoughts on “My Visit at Kevlo Skin Clinic

  1. Really affordable prices. Hope you can review their Pores treatments curious as to how different that procedure is from their facials.

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