A Little Reminder

DSC_0485 (2)

Wait, wut?? It’s June already?

Whoa life slow down! I can’t believe its halfway through the year already, can you? As I slowly take a flashback down a few months, I realized so much has happened already and I would never thought I am where I am right now when I first welcome the new year. I was able to visit and explore the best island in the world – Palawan, quit my first job and now starting a new one! Time flies so fast indeed and it is always important to enjoy every second of it. Do the things that would make you happy. Stop comparing yourself to others’ success, our time will come eventually. Stop waiting for the perfect time, for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life. Life is short and today is the oldest we’ve ever been and the youngest we’ll ever be again. So always live life like today is your last (well not that I hope..errr..but you get what I mean lol).

I know what I said had nothing to do with what I wore in this outfit LOL but really, just wanted to get that out there just in case any of you needs a little reminder. 😉

DSC_0479 (3)

DSCF0406 (2)

DSCF0407 (2)

Jumpsuit : Lauren Conrad | Sunglasses: Fly shades | Shoes: SMParisian (as seen here)

Thanks to Sophia & Jesse for these shots!

Also, blog anniversary is coming in a few days! I’m thinking of hosting another giveaway. Who wants? Make up? Back to school stuff? Bags? Comment down below if you have anything you want me to include in my giveaway!

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