Stronger Hair with ESLABONDEXX™ Hair Treatment

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Just last week I was invited over for a hair transformation at Salon De Rose and I was brave enough to accept the challenge because I knew they won’t go breaking my hair with their newest product, ESLABONDEXX Hair Treatment.

Before I share my experience, I wanted first to discuss the 3 main products that was used for my hair coloring.

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1. Nouvelle Hair Colours

Available in about 107 shades, this permanent hair color cream is enriched with Megalift superlighteners to obtain extra light and bright blonde tones; for bright and natural shades protecting the structure of the hair.

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Nouvelle is by the way, an Italian brand that is popular in over 60 countries and known for its line of products that are infused with natural and shine at an affordable price.

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2. Nouvelle Cream Developer

As you know (or not know), every hair color cream must be mix with a cream developer or cream peroxide. Nouvelle Creme Developer is said to be a highly performing cream developer for brilliant result and claims to have a gentle formula on scalp and hair. It comes in 4 different level: 10Vol 3%, 20Vol 6%, 30Vol 9% and 40Vol 12%. Volume and percentage level depends on how much your current hair color need, to be able to help penerate the new hair color cream to your hair.

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3. ESLABONDEXX™ Hair Treatment

Last but definitely not the least is the ESLABONDEXX™ Hair Treatment.

Just a little background before I go ahead and share how amazing this product is. I am literally obsessed in hair coloring and this started when my college friend (hello Fennie if you’re reading this haha) decided to color my hair one time. Since then, I have been dyeing my own hair because 1st – having your hair done in a salon is quite pricey tbh (especially back in the day) and there’s just people like me that will rather DIY it than shell my hard earn college savings to a salon, right? and 2nd – no hairstylist was then that expert in hair coloring that will actually meet your expectation. Those are some of the reason why I prefer to do color my own hair and what I did was I learned the basics myself by watching videos on Youtube (thanks to Guy Tang YAS!). I have gone from red, ombre to dark purple and now blondes shades to ash blonde. If only bleaching wasn’t that damaging I could have gone unicorn hair by now haha! Anywayyyyy, I have to admit, with so much chemicals my hair has gone through, my hair is pretty much damage at a certain level because to be honest, however the coloring brand claims that it has a gentle formula, the chemical process will always damage the hair somehow. It breaks internal bonds, leaving the hair dry, brittle and ultimately weak especially bleaching. But with a game changing product like ESLABONDEXX™, coloring our hairs will never be as damaging as before!

ESLABONDEXX™ is an innovative professional treatment that, added to chemical services, prevents their damages before they can even start, preserving and protecting the hair structure whilst the chemical treatment is acting: in fact, it strengthens the hair structure delivering elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and preventing it from breaking.

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In short, whatever products you will be putting on your hair, from hair coloring creams and bleach powder, to straightening and perms, you will need a hair treatment product like ESLABONDEXX™ and simply add this into the mixture to prevent hair from further breakage. What is special about this is that it doesn’t interfere with other products’ application procedures, processing time and results.

ESLABONDEXX™ is very easy to use and has been represented to be a hairdressers’ favorite tool!

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Now that ESLABONDEXX is being added into my hair color mixture, I have nothing to worry about! Let the coloring begin!

PicMonkey Collage

Gilbert was the one who did the application of my hair color which was supervised by Sr Jobert Dela Peña, a hair color expert who flew in from Manila. So happy Sr Jobert was there during my hair transformation!

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DSCF1501 (2)

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Thanks Gilbert! You can find him at Salon De Rose, Starmall Branch in Talisay, Cebu.

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Kitoko Oil Treatment – another great product for everyday hair treatment. You can buy this at any Salon De Rose branches.

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ESLABONDEXX hair treatment is a service you can avail at Salon De Rose so make sure to drop by any of their branches near you.

Once again, thank you to the people behind Salon De Rose and ESLABONDEXX for the entire hair transformation experience. You can follow Salon De Rose here and also everything you wanna to know about ESLABONDEXX here.

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