April Favorites 2017

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Back at it again with my monthly favorites!

It’s that time of the month again where I come up with a list that I am loving for the whole month of April. Days went by so fast, it’s even almost halfway through May and I am here writing in the middle of the night where I feel most productive when it comes to writing so without further adieu, lets get started!

1. They’re Real Double The Lip lipsticks from Benefit Cosmetics

If you missed out my previous post about the latest updates on Benefit then you’ve probably also missed that they gave us the cutest box (ever!) filled with all of their newest collection of lipstick+liner in one called They’re Real Double the Lip. I got it from the exact day of my birthday (what a nicest gift to receive on my special day right?) which is also the day I visited and attended their event at their SM Seaside Cebu boutique. Ever since I got them, I’ve been wearing them non. stop. I just loved the idea of having gradient lip color without really making that much effort in achieving it if you know what I mean. It is every lazy girl’s bestest friend who still tries to look cute, you know. God bless to the person who thought of this idea and to Benefit Cosmetics for making this come to life!

P.S. I love the shade Criminally Coral the most (the one on the left most part of the photo below) because out of all the other shade, that was the most contrasting color between the lipstick itself and the liner, making my lips more fuller that it actually is.

DSCF0979 (2)

2. ChapStick Lip Balm

I’ve been using this for a quite sometime now and it was last month that I realized that I couldn’t live without this product. I normally have dry chappy lips (maybe because also I don’t drink that much water on a daily basis? Idk. I need to work on that too) and having this lip balm is a life saver. I lost my classic cherry Chapstick last month and I thought I could just go through life without having it but no, my lips got worst and worst everyday esp that its summer and humid, making my lips dry even more. So the moment I went to the mall I made sure to get myself one and got the spearmint flavor this time. I’ve tried other brands before but it was Chapstick that I liked the most. I use this to prep and moisturize my lips before putting any lipstick product on.

DSCF1258 (2)

3. Summer Sandals from Forever 21

I first got the yellow one early April just days before my birthday. I fell in love with the details esp the color and the pom poms in it that I find very very cute. Although it was quite expensive for P1300 butttt I have a few GC that I used and it was almost my birthday when I got it so yeaaaaaaa haha! The two on the other hand was actually a steal! So it was a random Thursday when I found myself at the mall. Went inside Forever 21 promising myself not to be tempted but again who am I kidding. I saw the sandals and it was frickin’ 325 pesos! I recheck with the staff if there hasn’t been a mistake (just to make sure) because every other sandals there was like 800 or something. I even ask again at the cashier if it was the original price and she told me that it will be back with it’s price of 1,000 in the next two days, So I knew I just had to get it. I got the off white and the black one and I’ve been matching them in most of my outfits last month as well.

DSCF1246 (3)

4. Trousers from Promod 

Tbh, I am really not a fan of anything fitting, body hugging or tight clothes and that includes very fitting denim jeans and pants. I don’t like wearing pants unless its a boyfriend jeans, moms jeans, palazzo style or trousers. Lately I’ve been leaning towards finding the perfect trousers and it was last month that I found one from Promod that I really really liked. I love how it fits my waistline but somehow feels kinda loose towards the legs. Overall, it is very comfortable, I really perfect fitting trousers i should say that still looks fit and tailored.

DSCF0936 (2)

5. Logitech X50 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Last but certainly not the least and my most favorite is this mini Bluetooth speaker from Logitech. This one is very special because my boyfriend got it for me on my birthday. He knew that I’ve been wanting to have a legit Bluetooth speaker for the longest time. My old one was just a freebie included when I bought my iPhone last Dec 2015 and I’m so happy that I won’t be able to deal with that crappy speaker anymore now that I finally got a new one! And a much better upgrade because this speaker has way better sound quality, 5 hour nonstop battery life and surprisingly it can get very loud at it’s max volume considering its size! I also love how portable it is almost just a size of your palm. I went on reading reviews about this product and all I read was positive reviews. I couldn’t be more happier!

DSCF1278 (2)

That’s it for my April Favorites! Tune in again next time for another monthly favorites. For the meantime you can check my other monthly favorites here.

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