Gone Gingham

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you have probably noticed that I am very much active than I ever was. The month of April went by so fast. I took a break from work and I had all the time in the world to attend events here and there and do what I love doing, meet new found friends and actually living life. By ‘living life’ I mean to have the freedom to manage your own time at your own pace. You see, life hits you literally the moment you got out of school and into the real world and you need to work your ass off in order to step forward and I feel like I was stuck in that black hole trying to stress myself in the process. It’s good to have a break once in a while and do something that makes you happy and what you are more passionate about. I just did and I swear it helps.

I know anything I said doesn’t relate to what I’m wearing (HAHA) butttttt it will always feel magaan when you are able to express yourself, right?

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Now on to my outfit! I was very inspired by the current summer trends this season especially the comeback of anything ruffles and gingham. Also because this was the weekend when Coachella weekend 1 happened so thus, this outfit and backdrop. Does it looked like I was at the desert too?

DSCF0423 (3)

DSCF0425 (2)

Being able to attend a music festival such as Coachella is one of my bucket list. Although I’m not a very music kind of person (does knowing almost every karaoke hit songs count? lol) but aside from the music, it is always the fashion that I look forward at Coachella. I’m a huge fan of bohemian fashion and I just love the idea to see how people dress themselves in the desert. That would be a dream come true for me.

DSCF0430 (2)

I paired my gingham top with a denim skirt. I could totally see myself rocking this skirt with a bralette with layers of accesories at Coachella.

DSCF0433 (2)

Finished the look with my lace block sandals from Sm Parisian! What do you think?

DSCF0432 (2)

DSCF0435 (2)

DSCF0437 (3)

Hat: Cotton On | Top, Skirt & Bag: Thrifted | Belt: Memo | Shoes: Sm Parisian

Photos shot by Sophia Sanchez

Now let me leave you with this little inspiration. Photo grabbed from Pinterest. CTO.


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