All About Beauty and Brows with Benefit Cosmetics

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An afternoon well spent talking and learning more about beauty and brows with the famous San Francisco beauty brand – Benefit Cosmetics! Read on because I have so much to share!!

I’m sure you all know by now that Benefit Cosmetics has opened their first boutique here in Cebu just last year (or not? You can read more about it here) and I tell you, many has changed since then.

Just last month, I was again invited over for a Beauty and Brows Session with no other than, Benefit’s National Brow Artist herself – Celina Fernandez. The last time she was here, she taught us how to properly groomed our brows and now she’s back again with so much great news for all of us Benebabes!

First up, BROWS! because kilay is life right? Celina shares exciting new brow styles that you can try after getting your brows waxed at Benefit’s BrowBar; namely Feathered, Natural, Straight and Bold & Angular.

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Feathered Brows – This is for the more brave and free spirited type. This style is the current trend which have a bohemian, upward styling.

Natural Brows – This is the most common style. Brows that are clean, fluid lines with smooth and rounded edges.

Straight Brows – If you’re a fan of Kbeauty then this is definitely for you. Koreans are known for their straight looking brows which creates a delicate and youthful look.

Bold & Angular – Full and defined brow with a tapered arch are for girls that are strong and tough.

DSCF0440 (2)

Bold & Angular Brows

DSCF0443 (2)

Straight Brows

DSCF0456 (2)

Feathered brows on me 😀

This visit was also unforgettable for me because I finally got to try brow waxing at Benefit’s BrowBar for the first time! So lucky because it was also Celina that did my brows. As for my first time experience, it was painless at all. Well maybe because I have high pain tolerance but still I didn’t feel too much pain and surprisingly i find it very relaxing, tbh. From what I’ve learned, Benefit’s BrowBar uses ‘pearl wax’ that is a natural wax specially made for face waxing.

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Be a hero for gals around the globe just by booking a brow wax! Benefit Cosmetics partnered charities from all over the world for their BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL project. If any of you are wanting to try brow waxing at Benefit then this is the perfect time to do so because for the whole month of May, 100% of the proceeds from Benefit’s Brow waxing services will go to a local charity called Mano AminaMano Amina Academy is a non-profit school that provides underprivileged Filipino families access to affordable, international quality education.

For every brow wax service, you can provide:
– 4 months livelihood and empowerment program for a student’s mom
– 3 months worth of school supplies
– a 2-hour leadership training for girls

For every 2 brow wax service, you can provide:
-School books and project materials for one month 
-2 weeks worth of schooling for one girl

DSCF0481 (2)

This project aims to empower women to have big dreams and bold moves.

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As if you had enough great news already then wait, there’s more!! Just last March, Benefit Cosmetics launches their newest line of eye and lip products to add to their ‘They’re Real’ Collection! The lazy girl in you will thank the Beauty Gods for this because with the They’re Real Duo Shadow Blender and They’re Real Double the Lip will sure be your newest besties!

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They’re Real Duo Shadow Blender is a two toned eye shadow in one that gives you a wide-eyed look with perfectly paired shades in satin, shimmering, and soft matte finishes. This comes in 8 different shade


Seen above – 5 out of the 8 shades.

DSCF1034 (2)

They’re Real Double The Lip is a liner and lipstick in one, with a custom teardrop shaped that helps define your lip line and fills the rest with its complementing color.

DSCF0979 (2)

DSCF0974 (3)

Also comes in 8 shades

DSCF1036 (2)DSCF1024 (2)

These are on heavy rotation since the day I got them. Certainly my go-to lipstick this summer!

DSCF1004 (2)

I love how these products makes our morning routine a lot easier and faster. Definitely cuts our make up time in half!

DSCF0966 (2)

Once again, thank you so much Benefit Philippines for all the great news! Benefit Cosmetics’ boutique is located at the upper ground floor of Sm Seaside City Cebu (right across H&M). You can also place orders on their website here.

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