March Favorites 2017

I rounded my top 5 favorite for things that I’m loving for the whole month of March!

I know I totally missed out on my monthly favorites when the year started so this is officially my first monthly favorite post for the year 2017! I hope you enjoy reading.

1. Bohemian Dress

This dress is literally love at first sight! Honestly, I’m no believer of the saying “love at first sight” but when i first saw this while browsing through the racks, I immediately felt in loooooove! I mean who wouldn’t? and the best part is? I got it for only 100 FRICKIN” PESOS (THATS LIKE $2!!) on a random thrift store (yes gurl ukay-ukay is the best!) The store instantly became my go-to thrift store and I’ve brought home some cute pieces since then. Whenever I’m nearby I always make the time to drop by because you might never know, another cute dress might be there waiting for me, right?

DSCF0301 (2)

Just look at those details!! ugh! ❤
Haven’t wore this dress out yet and I’m just waiting for the perfect time to flaunt this.

DSCF0296 (4)

2. Summer Hat

If you haven’t already noticed, I love hats. My collection of hats has increase rapidly over the months and I just can’t stop getting one especially when it’s on sale like this one. I got this months before at Forever 21 for like less than 200 pesos. I’ve incorporated this hat on almost all of my looks because its so versatile and obviously not hard to style at all. I just love how a hat makes a simple outfit more “insta-worthy” really gives the whole look an extra omph! Like this look for example.

DSCF0310 (4)

3. Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

I got this as a pasalubong/gift from my sister when she went out of town. At first, I wasn’t really into it since I’m just that kind of girl that is not really into skincare tbh. But that was then until I heard people rave about how good this product is. I did my research and learned so many ways on how people use this and the idea of just how Aloe Vera work wonders on our skin. Suitable for all skin types, this product is mainly does skin-firming, moisturizing and soothing effects. Not just that but you can also use this esp if you have pimples, mosquito bites or if you have sun burnt. Just apply it on the area and what I usually do is just leave it overnight. The redness will fade in no time!

I first heard of Nature Republic during our visit in South Korea way back 2013. It is a South Korea cosmetics brand so I’m not sure if it’s available in stores here in Cebu but you can get one on online shops like BeautyMnl or Al Thea. Its relatively cheap than having a lot of different skincare products. Its an all-in-one product and it will last you for months! I absolutely recommend it!

DSCF0322 (2)

4. H&M Pointed Pumps

I got this because (yes you guessed it again) its on sale. I know I know, anything that’s on sale attracts me! haha You should probably know by now that I don’t really buy things on it’s regular price unless maybe if I really like the item that it haunts me to sleep. Okay too exaggerating but you get my point. Also this one fits me comfortably and the height is perfect, not so high but not so short as well. I got this for P700 from the regular price of P1,190.

DSCF0332 (2)

5. Summer Tote Bag

I bought this a long time ago through a friend, last December to be exact but I just recently received it last month. I actually bought this from Alexa Martin‘s closet when she had a preloved sale during one of  Pop District Bazaar’s event last December. She wore this during her trip in Los Angeles last year as seen here.

DSCF0336 (2)

So that’s it! This list is in no particular order, well okay maybe the dress was my top 1 but yeah! Thanks for dropping by and until the next post!

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