Photo Diaries: Baker’s Hill at Puerto Princesa, Palawan

DSCF9131 (2)

With a day left in Palawan, we visited the city’s most visited place – Baker’s Hill.

The sun was out and it was our last day in Puerto Princesa, after arriving from El Nido (more on that soon). Since our flight was still in the evening, we went on spending the day touring the city. First stop was at Baker’s Hill. I wasn’t really doing any research before hand and just went on with my friends so I really had no idea what to expect at the place. All I heard is that they have good tasting hopia here.

Baker’s Hill is a tourist destination in Palawan and are famous for baking the best hopia and breads in Puerto Princesa. They also have a few food stalls and a restaurant. Not only people flock here for their food but also for their botanical garden which is good for sight seeing and picture taking. What I love about the place is that it has no entrance fee to enjoy the view! We spent a couple of hours enjoying ourselves around the garden and at their playground while sipping through our Shake-A-Hula shakes. 

DSCF9090 (2)

DSCF9091 (2)

DSCF9092 (2)

DSCF9093 (2)

DSCF9094 (2)

DSCF9096 (2)

IMG_4671 (3)

DSCF9097 (2)

DSCF9099 (2)

DSCF9102 (2)

DSCF9103 (2)

DSCF9104 (2)

DSCF9105 (2)

DSCF9110 (2)DSCF9113 (2)

DSCF9117 (2)

DSCF9121 (2)

DSCF9123 (2)

DSCF9125 (2)

DSCF9126 (2)

DSCF9128 (2)

DSCF9134 (2)

DSCF9135 (2)

DSCF9135 (2)

DSCF9140 (2)


DSCF9145 (2)

DSCF9151 (2)

DSCF9158 (2)

DSCF9159 (2)

DSCF9163 (2)


DSCF9168 (2)

DSCF9169 (2)

If you’re wondering why I hopped on to our last day in Puerto Princesa and ask where are all my El Nido post be at, well I’m saving it for later and wanted to share first the things you can do in Puerto Princesa before I share my El Nido experience. So stay tuned!!

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