Kay’s Hot Spring | Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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After our mid-day trip at Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, we went on to our next stop – Kay’s Hot Spring for a much needed dip!

Honestly, I don’t have much to share to you but photos because we basically just went in and relaxed ourselves in the hot ‘pool’. If you have enough time to kill during your stay at Puerto Princesa then I suggest you visit this place. In my opinion, it’s better to come here in a group, either with your friends or family; or if being alone in a hot pool is what you fancy then it’s okay too!

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Like any other establishment, there are rules and regulations for visitors to follow.

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Public pool fee for adults are P150 while P75 for children.

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If being in public is not your thing, they also have private rooms available. We went into one of their private rooms and it was around P1,000 per room good for 4 hours (if I remember it correctly).

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TBH, this was my first time in a hot spring. At first I find it weird like who would ever bathe in a very hot water in a hot sunny day, right? But I was wrong! It was the most relaxing thing we did that day. Not to mention its health benefits like it improves your blood circulations, boost immune system and reliefs stress. While soaking in hot spring gives health benefits there are still precautions to consider especially if you are pregnant, elderly or have any heart problems. Make sure to consult your doctor beforehand.


Kay’s Hot Spring is located along Puerto Princesa north road, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. You can search it on google maps here.


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