A Day of Rest and Relaxation at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu


I’ve always wanted to have a staycation with my fellow bloggers but being all so busy with our personal lives, it is always a struggle to plan one but instead, just recently we opted to take advantage of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu’s Blissful Day Break Package.

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This is what I really loved about our place Cebu because we can always find ourselves in a mountain or at the beach just a few minutes away from the main city. Like whenever you want to breathe some fresh air, you can always drive up the mountains in Busay or Balamban and enjoy a view of the city, or you could just drive down south for that much-needed tan at the beach or if you’re feeling fancy and wanted to spend time at the resort then you can always head to Mactan Island for that perfect rest and relaxation. Like I said, being all so busy and stress with our corporate lives, we thought having to avail the a day use package from Mövenpick was the perfect escape from the busy life at the city.

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Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is a five-star Mediterranean-inspired beachfront hotel in the Philippines, located on a lush and tropical island, about six kilometers from the Mactan International Airport. It offers a number of options that make for a meaningful weekend by the sea. The weekend Day Use package is ideal for anyone looking for a quick break. Short but sweet, this offer gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the hotel’s pristine white sandy beach and swimming pool from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. The package also includes either a buffet lunch at The Sails restaurant or dinner at Ibiza Beach Club, featuring the Balearic-inspired,signature 15-course grill. This dining privilege will depend on the period of your visit, whether in the morning or afternoon. Additional benefits include one scoop of Mövenpick ice cream at the Lobby Lounge, a 15%discount on massage and treatments at Spa del Mar and 15% discount on all water sports activities. The weekend day use package is priced at PHP2,500 nett per person and PHP 2,800 nett for visits scheduled from 3.00 pm onwards.

Now let me take you with us during our short but sweet getaway!

DSCF5737 (3)

We were greeted with some treats at the Cabana for our day use of the resort.

DSCF5740 (2)

Our view from the Cabana. What I loved about the Cabana* (no.1 and no.4 to be exact) is that it has its own private bathroom with your own toilet, shower and bath tub Jacuzzi! Yes a huge bath tub hidden beside Cabana I and IV!

*Cabana has a different Day Use Package and is not included with the Blissful Day Break Package. More details at Mövenpick’s website here 🙂

DSCF5741 (3)

That’s Toni and Jean having their 15-minute foot scrub and wash from Mövenpick as a welcome treat to their guest.

DSCF5785 (3)

Enjoying my turn of foot scrub. This welcome foot scrub and wash is part of the Cabana package.

DSCF5788 (2)

DSCF5795 (2)

Guests may also stretch their choice for an upgrade to a Blissful Day Break Package. This package offers the same privileges as with the Day Use offer, plus the added benefit of a 30-minute body massage at Spa del Mar. Total package rate on weekends is PHP 2,800 nett per person and PHP 3,100 nett for visits scheduled from 3.00 pm onwards.

DSCF5867 (2)

As if the foot scrub earlier wasn’t enough, we are now on our way to get rid of all the stress from the city and indulge ourselves with a relaxing spa from Spa del Mar.

DSCF5874 (2)

Upon entering we were greeted by the front desk and we are to fill up form for their record. After that we are to choose a scent of oil that we would like to be used during our spa session. I went for Jasmin.

DSCF5876 (2)

Saw this before we got escorted to our rooms. I assume this is the foot massage area.

DSCF5893 (2)

I’m sharing the room with Sophia which explains why they’re two beds in the photo.

DSCF5895 (2)

We were treated for a quick foot massage before the main body massage.

DSCF5901 (3)

DSCF5896 (2)

DSCF5914 (3)

To be honest, it was the best spa experience I had to date!

DSCF5877 (2)

DSCF5888 (2)

DSCF5887 (2)

Meanwhile, they also have a Romantic Dinner Package which is ideal for couples. You can book a cozy evening rendezvous at the beach garden and select a private dining space, exclusive to you for four hours. Your butler-serviced dinner comes with a bottle of Manny O. Celebrus Brut sparkling wine and a gourmet menu, as well as a lovely set-up to complete the romantic ambiance and setting of your choice. Get close and intimate at the Cabana as  you unwind and get sultry in the Jacuzzi. Another venue option is the terrace of Spa del Mar, a tranquil space overlooking the sea. Those who prefer an outdoor spectacle can book the Garden Gazebo, a picturesque setting against the background of moonlight, stars, sand and sea, and the sound of the waves and cool breeze.

DSCF5885 (2)

Ibiza Beach Club is part of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu and is the hotel’s signature dining and entertainment space that offers authentic Balearic-inspired, signature 15-course grill and Mediterranean tapas. Guests can wine and dine under the stars, whilst watching exciting live performances of Latin, Brazilian, Broadway, movie musical, pop and retro-themed dance numbers.

DSCF5938 (2)

This premier restaurant and entertainment venue has gained a reputation for serving a variety of unlimited grilled meat and seafood choices. Identified as the restaurant’s Balearic-inspired, signature 15-course grill, this delectable specialty predominantly features meat and seafood basted with Balearic sauces and marinades, with a twist of Asian sensibilities from the restaurant’s original secret flavouring.

DSCF5929 (2)

For those willing to plunge into a delectable feast, the servings are generous and vast – Filet Mignon, Angus Rib-Eye Steak, Baby Back Ribs, Ostrich Meat, New Zealand Lamb, buttery Rock Lobsters or Salmon, Tiger Prawns, Cuttlefish, Chicken, Crispy Pork Belly and Beef Short Ribs, to name a few. This menu is so indulgent, it’s sure to last an entire evening of hearty dining.

DSCF5923 (2)

DSCF5924 (2)

DSCF5931 (2)

If you’re planning for a beach day at Movenpick, now’s the perfect time because from December 1 – 18, 2016, they currently have a 3+1 promo where for every 3 persons availing the Blissful Day Break package, you get 1 FREE pass for another person!

Happy Day BreakFor reservations and inquiries, email hotel.cebu@movenpick.com or call +63 32 492 7777. You may also visit their website for their latest offerings here.



To more getaway with these bunch!

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