Monthly Favorites | October 2016

monthly favorites oct 2016 (2)

After months and months of wanting to do this, finally I have been able to got off my lazy ass and come up with this month’s favorites!!

I know monthly favorites (or monthly empties) are famous with Vloggers all around YouTube and I have been wanting to do my own version of it. I still don’t have that much confidence to face and talk in front of a camera to film a video so a blog post will do for now. I have a lot of favorites or frequently used things lately but I am only sharing you specifically this months TOP 5!

DSCF4418 (2)

1. Coby Smart Watch

I have been using this watch at work because I find it very convenient. You see, every minute counts when you are working in an airport environment. It requires you to be fast and be time conscious and with this watch I am able to know exactly what minute of that hour is in just a glance.

This watch came in with my PLDT Home DSL Telpad package (that I just claimed recently this month), which I won during an event a few months back.

DSCF4703 (2)

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Stockholm)

I blame my job for my recent addiction to anything lipstick and the newest one I got is this NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in the shade Stockholm.

Even before I started to learn make up, I never liked the idea of having something on my lips. It makes me uncomfortable every time. I remember in college (which was when I slowly started to learn make up) I only use a lip balm and not because of just being “kikay” but because I have cracked lips. A year and a half after I started my current job and here I am hoarding different kinds and shades of lip products! My job requires us to look presentable and having the same lipstick shade every single day is boring. Thus, my appreciation of lipstick. Today, looking back to when i thought i hated lipsticks, I realized that with today’s advanced technology and advanced formulas in making these lip products, it is not hard to find a product that suits your liking!

PicMonkey Collage swatch

Swatch of the shade Stockholm on an Asian skin. This shade for me is perfect for everyday look. I like this product because it’s matte and after it dries, it feels like I didn’t even have them on, just the way i like it!

DSCF4410 (2)

3. Korean Inspired Headbands

People who’s been with me in my highschool/earlier college days knows how a sucker I am for headbands. Now that I am a few years older I thought I was over it but nuh uh! The moment i saw and tried on these cute headbands I was hoarding like cray! I’ve been using it on my regular days when I’m out just to give a bit of character into my look. Not to mention this was just a P20 peso find!! (stay tuned for an ootd post!)

4. Gel Nail Polish

Also shown in the photo above is my gel nail polish by Nailoholics. It was my first time having to try Gel polish and i was amazed by how long lasting it was! It lasted me almost 3 weeks. Will share my whole experience on a separate blog post.

Last and definitely not the least..

DSCF4323 (2)

5. Oh My Bag PH (Bag Care Products)

I recently discovered this brand of bag care products – Oh My Bag PH and it sure did step up my bag care game! Just a little background of this product, Oh My Bag is the trade name of Yala Bags Trading – a 100% Filipino-owned company focusing on products and services aligned towards the preservation, protection and beautification of fashion items such as ladies bags. The brand carries a lot of different bag care products that caters to your bag needs from bag handle wraps, bag stuffers, bag raincoats, dust bag, base shapers and more! I got a few of their products to test and was very satisfied of the function of every single one.

DSCF4327 (2)

I have two of their many selection of bag handle wraps specifically the print Caroline and Suzanne Blush.

DSCF4345 (2)

Close up of the prints I have.

PicMonkey Collage

I have been abusing this bag lately because can you see how my bag turned from plain boring to WOW by just the help of my Suzanne Blush bag handle bag!? I’m obsessed! With this, I’ve learned to appreciate the art of accessorizing my bags. You can use this wraps as scarfs and headbands too!

DSCF4315 (2)

Aside from the usual dust bag, Bag filers are also one way to store your bags. It basically helps your bag from having direct contact with each other in your storage room especially when the living in a tropical weather like the Philippines. Room temperature rises on a daily and when that happens and two bags are pressed with it other, some bag materials tends to somewhat melt and peel each other’s surface and we don’t want that.

DSCF4360 (2)
DSCF4362 (2)

I love how it this bag filer perfectly fits my black shoulder bag! They have a wide range of sizes currently having 11 different sizes of these.

DSCF4372 (3)

Another one I got from Oh My Bag PH is this Bag Stuffers. Its function is to help keep the frame and shape of the bag which mostly what we girls tend to neglect. I usually place this inside my bag after using it before storing them in my cabinet. I should get more of these!

DSCF4371 (2)

You may visit their Instagram at @ohmybagphils or visit their branch which you can find on their official website!

So that’s it! My top 5 favorites for the whole month of October. Let me know what you think and if you have your monthly favorites then dont hestitate to share them with me on the comments section below. I would love to read it!

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