Khana 2016 | Cafe Marco’s Culinary Journey in celebration with Diwali

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Feast on an explosion of flavors at Café Marco’s “Culinary Journeys”: KHANA, a celebration of the dynamic and exciting cuisine of “Incredible India”.

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As Indian communities around the world celebrate the Festival of Lights DIWALI, this month’s “Culinary Journeys” of Café Marco features KHANA, a Feast of Indian Cuisine. Starting this week until the 30th of October, feast on a diverse array of Indian favorite dishes over lunch or dinner on top of your favorite international buffet.

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 As they launched this culinary journey last Tuesday, there was a performance by Cebu’s very own Sandiego dancers and also the traditional Rangoli (photo above).

Rangoli is an art form from India in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. It is usually made during Diwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals. Designs are passed from one generation to the next, keeping both the art form and the tradition alive.

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This is my second year to celebrate Diwali and enjoy Indian cuisine at Cafe Marco. You see, Indian cuisine will always have a special place in my heart. It always remind me of the those days I used to live in Bangladesh years ago. I was able to live and experience their culture for a few months which i will always treasure.

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During the launch, I am one of the first to try and dine what cafe Marco’s Khana has to offer which was perfected under the guidance of Ms. Judeline Murjani. Here’s a virtual tour:

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Starting off with salads

DSCF4599 (2)

DSCF4600 (2)

DSCF4601 (2)

DSCF4603 (2)

DSCF4604 (2)

DSCF4605 (2)

DSCF4609 (2)

Main course

DSCF4611 (2)

DSCF4612 (2)

DSCF4614 (2)

DSCF4615 (2)

DSCF4620 (2)
DSCF4621 (2)

DSCF4618 (2)

DSCF4619 (2)

DSCF4627 (2)

DSCF4630 (2)

Puri, as what Neesha Murjani said, is a famous Indian street food.

DSCF4632 (2)

DSCF4631 (2)


DSCF4638 (2)

DSCF4642 (2)

DSCF4644 (2)

DSCF4645 (2)

Rose Water Panna Cotta

DSCF4647 (2)

Pedha – this to me tasted like Pastilyas!

DSCF4654 (2)

This is not included as an Indian dessert but just wanted to put the spotlight on Cafe Marco’s featured ice cream during our visit – Rose and Berry Sorbet! These are not your ordinary ice cream and the sweet tooth in me was happy to be able to try these flavors! yum yumm!

DSCF4669 (2)

and of course, no Cafe Marco experience would be complete without ending an international buffet spread with a freshly baked malicious cookies!! The best cookies in Cebu!


Once again, thank you Marco Polo Plaza Cebu for this culinary experience!

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