In My Blue Pleated Maxi Skirt

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Writing this post seriously makes me miss the heat! It’s pouring hard while I’m typing this right now and I just wish I can fly back to Boracay and enjoy this view. Well, I’m glad I took a lot of photos for me to reminisce ūüėČ

DSCF3458 (2)

It was officially our first day in the island when these photos were taken (since we arrive late the day before) and no, we aren’t booked to this lovely place as seen on the above photo; I really wish so too but we were only here for a tour and a complimentary lunch buffet. Hooray!

DSCF3531 (3)

Also a good opportunity to take some outfit shots!

DSCF3532 (3)DSCF3455 (2)DSCF3457 (2)DSCF3519 (2)

When we got out of bed on our first morning, we directly went out for breakfast. On our way to Jasper’s Tapsilogan (best tapsilogan in the island, located just outside D’mall market entrance), we came across this guy offering us free lunch buffet at Astoria Boracay. Since we are being spontaneous on this trip, we accepted the offer and plan to visit the hotel by lunch time. Who doesn’t want free buffet, right?

DSCF3461 (2)

There are actually two Astoria hotels in Boracay, the main Astoria and Current by Astoria – the newly finished one. We contacted the number that was given to us and decided to go at Astoria Current since it was more near to where we stayed and also because its the new one. We went through the entrance at the main lobby and we were greeted by this lovely view (photo above). Don’t you just love it!? ‚̧

DSCF3452 (2)

We were escorted straight to the buffet area to have our lunch before the hotel tour. Really loving the interiors so far.

DSCF3471 (2)UntitledDSCF3475 (2)DSCF3474 (2)

Pool view from the lunch buffet area.

DSCF3468 (2)

After lunch, we then started the hotel tour where I took photos along the way.

DSCF3525 (3)DSCF3516 (2)DSCF3518 (2)DSCF3517 (2)DSCF3469 (2)

Really wanted to take off my maxi skirt at this moment and jump at the pool!

DSCF3458 (2)DSCF3523 (2)DSCF3478 (2)DSCF3484 (2)

Room tour! This is their Deluxe Room at the 2nd floor with two beds already. So spacious and has relaxing ambiance. They have artsy interiors too and I’m really into it! Blue and yellow just go well together. Not to mention that what I¬†am wearing was so in theme with the whole concept of the hotel. LOL

DSCF3491 (2)DSCF3487 (2)

They even have a sink area (aside from the ones inside the bathroom) and also a mini storage area for a few groceries you may have. Also the usual mini refrigerator and toiletries in the bathroom.

DSCF3486 (2)DSCF3499 (2)DSCF3515 (2)DSCF3501 (2)

Astoria Current is located right directly at the beach front too so no problem if you want to get some beach fix!

DSCF3509 (2)DSCF3505 (2)DSCF3513 (2)DSCF3511 (2)DSCF3555 (2)Station 3, Malay, Boracay Island

DSCF3558 (3)

One piece Swimsuit from For Me Clothing (worn as top)
Blue Pleated Maxi Skirt I got from Emporium Cebu
 Hat and Sunglasses both department store find
Havaianas Flipflops
Wrangler Sling Bag

DSCF3599 (2)

After our hotel tour at Astoria Current, we spent our afternoon strolling from Station 1 to 3 then went to Spider Cafe for an afternoon chill and snacks.

More of our Boracay trip on the next post!

Update: More boracay post on our way to the island here¬†and our visit to D’talipapa here.

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