Getting to Boracay Island | Travel Guide + VLOG!!

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Helloooooo guyssssss! Sorry but couldn’t help being excited because my first ever VLOG finally went LIVE!!! and i can finally start sharing to you my travel series on our recent Boracay escapade! Hoorayyyyyyy! 

First thing’s first is how to get to the island paradise that is Boracay. Honestly, I did a lot of research a few weeks back before our trip and the first problem I encountered is that all of these Boracay travel guide are outdated. So i was kind of confused if the rates are still the same or not considering that me and my friends are travelling on a budget. So here I am trying to update you as of September 2016.

Our flight to Kalibo is supposed to leave Cebu at around 10 in the morning. I already did mobile check-in for us (which I also suggest you should do because you don’t wanna miss your flight just because of traffic) and when we arrived at the airport we learned that our fight was overbooked. Since we are already checked in, we were asked if we could gave up our seats (to accommodate other passengers) and be re routed to Manila to catch up the 3pm flight to Kalibo. All this hassle in exchange for a round trip ticket to any domestic flight for each of us and since we aren’t really in a rush to reach Boracay, we agreed! This is to explain why we had to transit in Manila for a few hours before finally arriving in Kalibo.

We arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 around 1pm and still have 2 hours to kill. We did window shopping and a quick lunch at Shakeys before heading to our boarding gate. Surprisingly our flight was on time so finally we are now en route to Kalibo.

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There are actually two ways in getting to Boracay Island:

1. Kalibo International Airport
This airport is an international airport and has a direct flights from Singapore, Incheon South Korea, China and many more from different airline companies. It can welcome airbus 319/320 but can only accommodate four aircraft at a time (this explains why some flights to Kalibo are delayed). Here, you need to go on a 2 hours bus ride to Caticlan Jetty Port. (bus ride: 200php per person) There are a lot of options the moment you stepped out the airport so you got nothing to worry about.

You can also opt to ride a tricycle from the airport to take you to the Ceres Bus Station in Kalibo. From there you can  ride an air-conditioned bus or an ordinary bus that will take you to Caticlan. This will surely cost you less than P200 but not of a big difference actually.

2. Caticlan Airport
This airport is small and can only accommodate a propeller kind of aircraft. It also has a sunset limitation meaning once the sun has set, there are no more flights flying in and out of this airport due to no lights at the runway. Airfare to Caticlan Airport is also more expensive compared to flying in to Kalibo International Airport. This airport is just a few minutes away to Jetty Port so no need to endure that long 2 hours bus ride.

Either of the 2 airports, you should always make your way to Jetty Port in Caticlan. Here you need to buy a boat ride either to Cagban or Tambisaan Port in the main island of Boracay. A total of P200 per ride (Terminal Fee – P100, Environmental Fee – P75, Ferry Fee – P25) The boat ride will only take you less than 15mins and when you arrive, a few tricycle are waiting for you outside the port to help you reach your hotel.

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As per us, we opt to avail the Hotel Transfers Tickets offered during our flight to Kalibo via Cebu Pacific Air. This Southwest ticket will already bring you from Kalibo to Caticlan (by bus), Jetty Port to Cagban Port in Boracay (by a speed boat) and directly drop you off to your hotel (using a private van), all for 500 pesos all in – including all those environmental fee whatsoever. We already had two flights that day so we decided this was the best option for us since we are already getting tired and the hassle free is so worth it! Almost the same price if you avail the bus and boat fee separately, not to mention the tricycle fee from Cagban port in Boracay to your hotel (which is around 100-200php). They charged us 50 each (150 total since there’s 3 of us) when we head back from the hotel to the port on our way home. (Also more on that leaving Boracay part on another post)

We arrived Boracay almost 7pm already and since we didn’t have any accommodations booked yet, we decided to be dropped at D’mall. But before looking for a place to eat, we first search for an affordable place to stay and finally settled at Sheena’s Beach Hotel, located at the heart of station 2 and a walking distance from the front beach and at D’mall.

I was able to compile clips from our Cebu to Boracay journey and yes my first ever attempt at VLOGGING!! Well actually I had a few video clips from my trip to Siargao last summer but wasn’t able to organize it just yet (stay tuned for that!) so i can officially say that this is my first ever vlog! I’ve attached it below so you can directly watch it. I know I still have a lot more room for improvement especially my editing skills but I hope this is a great start. Please let me know what you think on the comment section below.

This video is intended as a virtual tour when arriving in Kalibo International airport and at Jetty Port in Caticlan. So you will have a glimpse on what to expect and where to go on your way to Boracay. Overall I hope this will somehow guide you if you have plans on visiting the island soon! More Boracay post coming your way so stay tuned!! 🙂

Update: More Boracay post during our 1st day here and our visit to D’talipapa here.

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