PALUTO All You Can at Isla Sugbu Seafood City

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Just when I thought I had enough fresh seafood during my recent trip in Boracay Island, but no! I just had the best seafood experience last night here in Cebu at Seafood City’s newest promotion – PALUTO All-You-Can!

Grand Convention Center’s Isla Sugbu Seafood City is known for their live and fresh seafood selections. It is a heaven for seafood lovers out there! Whether you like your fish grilled, your shrimp fried or crabs stewed; your opportunities are endless!

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PALUTO All-You-Can is Isla Sugbu Seafood City’s newest promotion for the whole month of October. From the original price of 850, diners can avail of the Paluto All You Can for a 20% discounted promo price of P680 per head from October 1-31, 2016. With this, you get to have as much seafood you want and have it cooked your way. It is exactly like D*Talipapa in Boracay where you choose your fresh seafood and have it Paluto the way you like it!

DSCF4158 (2)Live Seafoods

DSCF4164 (2)Tiger Lobsters

DSCF4160 (2)Live Sea Mantis

DSCF4175 (2)Crabs

DSCF4183 (2)Live Shrimps

DSCF4179 (2)

All Paluto Items includes fresh meat, fresh and live fish, fresh and live crustacean and vegetables.

DSCF4197 (2)DSCF4184 (2)DSCF4185 (2)DSCF4186 (2)DSCF4187 (2)DSCF4188 (2)DSCF4191 (2)DSCF4192 (2)DSCF4193 (2)DSCF4194 (2)DSCF4195 (2)

Boneless Bangus, Kitong (Rabbitfish), Sole Fish, Mol-Mol, Red Grouper, Maya-Maya, Katambak are also available.

DSCF4210 (2)

Seafood City can accommodate large group perfect for friends or family gatherings.

DSCF4217 (2)

 I got the chance to try the Paluto experience myself and it was sea-rrific! LOL It was so good and you can really know that the meat is fresh from every bite! Here are the Paluto items that we tried:

DSCF4266 (3)Oysters

DSCF4226 (2)Steamed Live Suahe Soy Sauce

DSCF4231 (3)Squid Adobo

DSCF4242 (2)Tinola Tanigue Soup

DSCF4245 (2)Fried Fish Grouper Sweet and Sour

DSCF4249 (2)Mud Crabs with salt and pepper

DSCF4254 (3)

DSCF4257 (2)Grilled Pork Belly
and yes because Paluto are not only limited to seafood but also to pork meat as well as what you’ve seen from the photos of fresh meat above!

DSCF4259 (2)Lobsters in Lemon Butter Sauce

DSCF4261 (2)Stir Fry Assorted Veggies with Oysters Sauce

DSCF4272 (3)Fruit Platter for dessert

DSCF4209 (2)

Note that leftovers shall be charged P1,360 per person so make sure to clean out that plate and only get what you can consume. All Paluto items canot be taken out and that drinks, desserts, and other premium seafood items such as live lobsters, crabs and live sea mantis are charged separately. Also kids under 5 years of age are free of charge, while those aged 6 to 10 will be charged 50% off from the promo price. Kids aged 12 and above will be charged with the promo price.

For more information and inquires, you may visit Isla Sugbu Seafood City’s Facebook page here, The Grand Convention Center of Cebu’s facebook here or contact them at (032) 260 8000.

DSCF4170 (2)
Fellow CFB – Ching Sadaya, Issa Perez and myself
Isla Sugbo Seafood City
Ground floor, Grand Convention Center of Cebu Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City 6000
Open daily for lunch at 11am-2pm and dinners at 6pm-10pm
Once again, thank you for satisfying our seafood cravings!
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4 thoughts on “PALUTO All You Can at Isla Sugbu Seafood City

  1. Want to make reservation for a family bonding on MAY 18, 2018 @ around 7pm.. what would I do start to negotiate. How could we make an order for instance.
    Please give advise. Thank you

    1. Hi Angelo, thanks for commenting but unfortunately I myself haven’t visited the restaurant already since this post 2 years ago. Promo mentioned above may not be available anymore but as per research today, per head may cost you around 700-750. Still the same fresh seafood though and probably you can still pick from the live seafood and have it cooked the way you like. Best to call them at (032) 260 8000 for inquires. Thank you!

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