Love and Passementerié: A Bridal Collection by Jojo Martinez

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In partnership with Zonta Club of Cebu II (an affiliate of Zonta International), seasoned couturier JOJO MARTINEZ (proprietor of Jojo Martinez for 35 years, former colleague of Meg Paris and supplier of the SM Malls), launched a much-anticipated project featuring the workmanship of skilled women workers in crochet in Cebu through a bridal show entitled “Love and Passementerié: A Bridal Collection by Jojo Martinez” last August 5, 2016. 

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As one of the event partners of the show, members of Cebu Fashion Bloggers were given a privilege to have a front row seats during the show. Taking photos of the ramp models with the bridal collection is now less of a problem since we already have a good view from our spot!

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After minutes of waiting, Chiara Martinez is now out to officially welcome the guest of the evening. She had a few introductions about the designer JoJo Martinez and a documentary video was played to show how the Bridal Collection came to be. Chiara is also the host for the entire show.


The fashion show officially started when this little girl came out. Isn’t she cute?

DSCF1312 (2)DSCF1314 (2)

The first dress out of 15 Bridal Gowns by JoJo Martinez

DSCF1318 (2)DSCF1319 (2)DSCF1320 (2)DSCF1329 (2)

So the whole meaning behind the collection is not just for the designer herself but to somehow help preserve the art of crochet through dress making. I had my fair share of love on doing crochet way back when I was still in highschool. I remember buying all these colors of yarn and crochet needle to make myself cute mini pouches for my cellphone. To be quite honest, if it weren’t for a project for our Home Economic and Livelihood Education aka HELE class, I wouldn’t learn anything about crochet or even knew how to make one myself.

DSCF1336 (2)

Some girls learned crochet through their grandmothers. But unfortunately for me I didn’t have the chance to have these kind of relationship towards my lolas since we lived far at each other.


To many, it is their means of putting food on the table; many skilled crochet workers in our city use this skill to get from day to day through waiting for orders or commissions from others. However, the market for crochet seems to be diminishing, so this skill and means of livelihood is slowly diminishing with it.

DSCF1341 (2)

This is why with the partnership of Zonta Club of Cebu II, a fashion show called “Love and Passementerie: A Bridal Collection by Jojo Martinez” was launched featuring bridal gowns applied with crocheted motifs through Passementerie, which is considered by the designer as the ultimate application of crochet.

DSCF1337 (2)

Passementerie worked in white linen thread is the origin of bobbin lace, and passement is an early French word for lace. Today, passementerie is used with clothing, such as the gold braid on military dress uniforms, and for decorating couture clothing and wedding gowns.


Just look at those details.
(Continue to scroll down for more photos of the collection)

DSCF1344 (2)DSCF1346 (2)DSCF1348 (2)DSCF1351 (2)DSCF1352 (2)DSCF1353 (2)aDSCF1358 (2)
DSCF1359 (2)DSCF1360 (2)DSCF1363 (2)

I just love how simple but elegant this dress is. Its cut in front is so perfect with a bit of sexyness at the back. Ugh Gorgeous!!

DSCF1365 (2)DSCF1368 (2)

All the gowns during the final walk.

DSCF1370 (2)DSCF1372 (2)

Jojo Martinez believes that hopefully, by creating a market in the world of weddings, the art of crochet will be preserved, and the livelihood created through this art for many skilled women in Cebu City will be sustained.

DSCF1373 (2)

Congratulations to JoJo Martinez for a successful show! Not just because of the lovely bridal gowns but also the meaning and purpose of the entire collection.

Visit their website at and also to know more about its partner Zonta Club of Cebu II here.


My OOTN for the show.
Forever 21 dress and clutch | Shoes from H&M


Once again, Thank You for having us!

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