CICADA: Tapas and Bar

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As what I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I will be sharing more about what to expect at CICADA – a tapas bar and alfresco casual dining. It is part of the newly opened Casa Dos of Circa 1900.

They officially opened last month and even though I was able to visit here a couple of times since, it never fails to make me appreciate its overall ambiance. I love how it provides a short respite for those who aspire to promote a lifestyle that embraces a sense of balance and well being through exercise, meditation, eating better, preservation and appreciation of heritage and culture. That is Circa 1900 is all about!

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Dining choices includes casual or more refined, innovative cuisine and comfort food, however service standards though relaxed must still exude international standards while offering value of money.

Let me take you inside Cicada:

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Don’t you just love the interiors?

DSCF0212 (2)DSCF0218 (2)

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You can also dine outdoors at the terrace or even at the pool side.

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If you miss my previous post. I mentioned that Cicada of Casa Dos offers Dip and Dine for only P500*. This includes a consumable P300 on food and drinks from Cicada and the remaining P200 is for the use of pool. I suggest you contact the place ahead of time if you have plans to avail this to avoid conflicts on other function events on the day of your visit.

*may change without prior notice

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A few days it officially opened to public, fellow Cebu Fashion Bloggers and I were invited to try few of Cicada’s favorites.

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DSCF0600 (2)

Here’s what we had for dinner:

DSCF0616 (2)

Barbecued Prawns with Mango, Semi-dried Nangka & Spiced Pineapple Salsa (P225).

DSCF0612 (2)

Caramelized Onion, Water Buffalo Cheese, Ham & Dates on Ciabatta with Moscato Glaze (P195)

DSCF0605 (2)

Pizza with Ham, Egg, Cheese & Aragula (P295).

DSCF0607 (2)

Spaghetti Bolognese with Garlic Herd Bread (P295)

DSCF0608 (2)

Pasta Aglio Olio with Char-grilled Vegetables (P295)

DSCF0613 (2)

Pulled Pork with Atchara (P210).

DSCF0617 (2)

Spiced Squid & Spanish Chorizo with Chili & Pepper (P220)

DSCF0618 (2)

Beef Burger with Grilled Onion & Gruyere Cheese on Turkish Bread with Aragula Salad (P290).

DSCF0619 (2)

Spice Rubbed Baby Back Pork Ribs with Redstone Potato Wedges (P450)

DSCF0621 (2)

Chicken Sisig Cigars – Chicken, Mushroom, & Beansprouts (P185).

DSCF0623 (2)

Spicy Seafood Sisig Pizza with Thai Basil & Fried Garlic (P320) – Fave!

DSCF0626 (2)

Hainan Style Chicken on Turkish Bread with Pickled Cucumber & Ginger Shallot dressing (P285)

DSCF0629 (2)

Here are also the drinks we got to try:
(sorry wasn’t able to catch the names of these drinks. You may take a screenshot and show it to them.)

DSCF0643 (2)

DSCF0654 (2)

DSCF0655 (2)

And of course, there’s always room for desserts! These are baked fresh from The Nochery which is also part of Casa Dos.

DSCF0673 (2)

DSCF0675 (2)

DSCF0595 (2)

There are also alcoholic drinks available for a chill Friday night.

DSCF0687 (2)

Agustins Sangria

DSCF0688 (2)

Gen Mac

DSCF0694 (3)

Gil Puyats Martini


I don’t blame you if you feel hungry after reading his post because I am too! LOL and to make this place even more convenient, you don’t have to worry if the place is packed since they made sure there a lot of parking place for all visitors! Accessible parking space is always a plus on a restaurant, don’t you agree?

Circa 1900 Casa Dos is located at Sanjercasvil Road, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines. Open daily from 10AM until 12MN. The swimming pool is open as early as 7AM until 10PM.

For inquiries, you may contact or call (032) 417 3886. You may also follow Circa 1900 on Facebook and @circa1900 on Instagram to know the latest updates about Circa 1900 Casa Uno and Casa Dos.

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