White and Khaki

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Let us pause from all the featured post and allow me to share an outfit post for you; and no, this is not a cheesy blog post! LOL 
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This is the outfit that I came up with when we were invited at the HMxMovenpick event last month. I wanted to go for a resort wear but you know when you have that day when you just stare at your closet full of clothes and say, “oh! I have nothing to wear”. Well that was one of those days and admit it, I know you can relate as well.

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PicMonkey Collage

So what happened was while I was in my room trying on multiple outfits that just doesn’t feel right, I end up looking at my boyfriend’s outfit which was waiting for me to be done. Staring at him I thought to myself, “why not try and incorporate white and khaki?” which by the way, his go to look almost every time. It’s like Paul Soriano with his “uniform” with black baseball cap and black polo shirt, you know. LOL

DSCF8586 (2)

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So long story short, he didn’t quite like the idea of me “twinning” with him the moment he saw me. He even tease me copying his “style” but he got no choice! haha!

DSCF8599 (3)

DSCF8600 (2)

DSCF8601 (2)

But instead of his usual white shirt/polo and khaki short combo, I went a lil boho with this outfit. I paired this top (which btw is my closet fave) with my khaki shorts. Added the look with some accessories – belt, beaded bracelet, dream catcher necklace and a straw hat. Finished my look with a lace up flats! What do you think?

DSCF8604 (2)

Top: thrifted | Bottom: Mossimo | Belt : Memo | Shoes: SnH fashion (Sm Dept Store)

DSCF8605 (2)

I really love the details of this top! The cut outs and fit is just perf!

DSCF8666 (2)

DSCF8673 (2)

This is actually the first time I brought Joma with me in my blogging events and he did enjoy his time! I thank him for being so supportive and hoping for many more moments like this!

Btw, thank you Toni for taking our couple shots! The rest was shot by Joma.

Once again, Thank you H&M and  Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu for the fun summer experience!

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