Electro Beach Festival at Ibiza Beach Club on 5 March 2016


Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu’s Ibiza Beach Club, the premier party destination in this side of the country, welcomes the summer season with its “Electro Beach Festival” happening on 5 March 2016. This will be sixth of the beach party series, in collaboration with Cebu.20z, top-billed by renowned DJ, Daiki Wakabayashi, and other celebrated Japanese artists. 



DJ fest and party feature electronic dance music by Japanese DJs Daiki, Tora, OGaMixxX, Shibuchin, Kamiyama Seigo, Toshiki, Red Bully and Hiroro.

Beach party at Ibiza Beach Club (3)

“It’s going to be a fun Saturday night with high octane beats and mixes played by DJ Daiki, Tora, OGaMixxX, Shibuchin, Kamiyama Seigo, Toshiki, Red Bully and Hiroro,” shares Paco Beltran, Ibiza Beach Club’s director for entertainment and events. “The previous beach parties have drawn in good crowds, averaging about 1,000 people each night. Aside from celebrities, special events like these have welcomed the elite and fashionable of Cebu, alongside the hotel’s mix of local and international guests. As a trailblazer on trends, performance genres and flavours, Ibiza Beach Club always aims to bring in new excitement in various seasons to delight our guests of different nationalities.”

Beach party at Ibiza Beach Club (1)

Tickets are sold at PHP 600.00 nett per person. Doors open for sunset beats at 3.00 pm, with back-to-back DJ performances until 11.00 pm.

For reservations and enquiries, contact 0917-6315237 or 0927-9896082.


Hope to see you there!!

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