#Sugbusog2016 : Seafood Edition at Cafe Marco

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Now that the holidays have passed, it’s that time of the year again for us Cebuanos! Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is ready to kick off the New Year and celebrate Sinulog 2016, Cebu’s most anticipated month with Cafe Marco’s iconic culinary journey, #Sugbusog2016 : Seafood Edition!


From January 6 – 17, 2016, Enjoy and feast on the bounties of the sea and other Sugbusog favorites such as lechon Belly , Barbeque and sizzling dishes. Available for lunch and dinner only at Cafe Marco!

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With the Cebu pride,  Sandiego Dancers for the launching ceremony!

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Here are some snaps from the buffet:

DSCF6729 (2)

First stop: Salad Section!

DSCF6728 (2)1

L-R: Nangka Salad (Jackfruit Salad), Talong Salad (EggPlant Salad)
Tomato and Red Egg Salad, Banana Heart Salad
Tinap anan na Isda (Smoke Fish Salad), Fish Bone
and Chicharon (photo below)

DSCF6691 (2)

Second stop: Main course!

DSCF6736 (2)

Goat Kaldereta

DSCF6734 (2)

Seafood Kare-Kare (Braised Mixed Seafood in Peanut Sauce)

DSCF6738 (2)


DSCF6708 (2)

Of course: Lechon!!!

DSCF6711 (2)

A Cebuano favorite: Hanging Rice aka “Puso”

DSCF6726 (2)

and wait! Can I just pause and take a moment to appreciate when I saw this on the buffet? I usually enjoy eating Chicharon Bulaklak (aka Ginabot) on the street side and this is just OMG! It was so goooood too! Goodbye diet! haha

DSCF6712 (2)

Third stop: The Seafood Section! Where all of this month’s Culinary Journey is all about! In this section you can select your own ingredients for your soup or you can have your seafood grilled!

DSCF6721 (2)DSCF6720 (2)DSCF6730 (2)

And after everything else? Its time for Desserts!!

DSCF6702 (2)

Buko with Latik, Trio Maja, Leche Flan, Sweetened Banana, Macaroons (my fave!), Torta, Cebu Polvoron with nuts, Banana Turon and Sago’t Gulaman are some of the local desserts that are on main display. There is also a section where you can make your own Halo-Halo. Talk about DIY!

DSCF6703 (2)DSCF6704 (2)DSCF6705 (2)DSCF6707 (2)DSCF6706 (2)IMG_1386

All these on top of Cafe Marco’s International Buffet selection.

This Cebuano food fest is prepared by Cafe Marco’s talented chefs under the culinary guidance of Ms. Jessica Avila.


And again thank you Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu for having me, Doyzkie and Marco!

Follow @marcopolocebu on Instagram; Like Marco Polo Plaza Cebu on Facebook and visit their official website at www.marcopoloplazacebu.com for latest updates

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For inquiries, ticket sales and reservations, please call Cebu at +63-32-253 1111 Local 8249 or Manila at +63-2-887 1263 or email fb@marcopolocebu.com.

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