CebuDoc’s 50 Years of Improving Lives

It has been five decades now that a state-of-the-art healthcare facility is providing quality services in the heart of Cebu City, the CebuDoc. This year’s anniversary theme, “50 years of Improving Lives”, has been emanating in the veins of every employee of the hospital, embodied it as values, and eventually made CebuDoc what it is now, the most outstanding hospital in the country in the private sector. 

Month-Long Anniversary Celebration

The month-long anniversary celebration served its purpose of bringing healthcare to the community that began with an exhibit in CebuDoc Medical Arts Building 1 and Robinsons Galleria, respectively. The kick-off was formally opened last August 8, 2022, with the exhibit which will be set forth until the end of the month. 

To Doctor Larrazabal III, these events are just a piece of the CebuDoc Group’s values proportioned as a compassionate healthcare provider.


CebuDoc Remembers History with a Month-long Exhibit

As the month-long anniversary celebration formally opens, an exhibit is being put up at CebuDoc Medical Arts Building 2 to show how CebuDoc has enlivened its mission with a deep commitment to compassionate service to the community through its timeline display. These will also reflect how CebuDoc has been consistent since the beginning. 

To Doctor Potenciano S.D Larrazabal III, the President, and Chairman of CebuDoc Group, the Golden Jubilee celebration is not an end of a long-time vision but a continuing legacy that will live onwards. “This celebration means that I have an additional 50 years to improve life to even further,” the chairman said, emphasizing the impact of the milestone on his leadership.

Remembering Dr. PVL

As the exhibit also reflects a fruitful 50 years of CebuDoc, Doctor Yong Larrazabal III also revisits the leadership of his father, the late Doctor Potenciano Larrazabal Jr., who founded and started the footing of this innovative healthcare facility.  To Doctor Yong, he vowed to continue his father’s legacy that has touched the lives of thousands from the beginning of his medical practice until the present date.


Wellness Fair at Cebu Robinson’s Galleria

Doctor Larrazabal III propounded that it has been his father’s foresight that the CebuDoc Group will be an institution that serves the Cebuano with quality and innovative healthcare. This year’s anniversary celebration will not be completed without going back to this mission that will be channeled through a Wellness Fair.

This year CebuDoc offers the following services;

  • Free Check-up for Kids and Adults
  • Free Eye Check-Up
  • Free Reading glasses
  • Free Scoliosis Screening
  • Free Capillary Blood Sugar, Blood Typing, and Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Free BP Check
  • Free Nutrition Counseling
  • Free Medicines and Vitamins
  • Free Cholesterol Check
  • Free Zumba Session

CebuDoc Anniversary Gala and Excellence Award

Cebu Doctors Group (CDG) is back in the limelight after two years to commemorate its 50th-year celebration and to honor the second wave of the exemplary group of doctors through the CDG Anniversary Gala and CebuDoc Group Excellence (CDGE) Awards.


After two years of hiatus to pave way for the COVID-19 restrictions, the CebuDoc Group has once again hosted an evening of elegance to honor the excellence, hard work, and prominence of each of the institution’s most esteemed assets, its medical staff.


The CDG Gala and CDGE Awards night has been graced with the presence of numerous pronounced individuals not just in Cebu City but in the entire region whose contributions has backboned the hospital’s operations not just in terms of patient care but also in bridging the most accessible healthcare in different sectors.


The highlight of the evening is the awarding ceremony of the group of doctors who stood out among the rest and showed remarkable leadership, excellence, innovation, and loyalty, and contributed most to corporate social responsibility. At least six out of the seven hospitals have nominated several practicing physicians for the OrmocDoc Excellence Award; SouthGen Excellence Award; San Carlos Excellence Award; NorthGen Excellence Award; Mactan Doc Excellence Award, and CebuDoc Excellence Award.


Further, the event was filled with fun and fellowship in which the chairman, Doctor Larrazabal III, emphasized that everyone deserves adding that the Golden Jubilee celebration is worth rejoicing for.

He concluded, that onwards, the event will be one of the most anticipated evenings that our medical staff will be pushed and motivated to look forward to every year. “This will be the event that shows we are one with our mission, vision, and most of all our values. This is a representation of our harmony that if we enliven these factors, we are one, just like what my Dad would have wanted,” he said. 


Thank you so much CebuDoc Group for making me part of your celebration and milestone! Cheers to 50 years and more!!


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