21762672_10213085978279889_4489643009910971012_o (1)Currently spending my last few days of 2017 here in Southern Leyte away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While today is the last day of the year, I thought of sharing a few highlights of my 2017. Thank God there’s fast internet here! LOL
Starting from January until December, I..

10.  Met ItsJudyLife family, @gypsea_lust and @doyoutravel

It was around September when the Travis family visited my hometown Cebu for their Dancember event. I got a VIP invitation so I was able to meet and greet them up close and personal!! The kids also had their special appearance and even sang their fave song from Frozen! For Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris – the lovely couple from Instagram who are such an inspiration for every wanderlust out there, I met them when they had their stop over here in Cebu. I used to work at the airport so I had access to the arrival area. Got kilig because Lauren even retweeted my tweet here!

9. Traveled to El Nido Palawan

If you’ve been a reader from the start of 2017, you know that I had a wonderful vacation at El Nido Palawan last February which I blogged about here. What made this travel kind of special for me because this was the very first time that I was able to travel alone by plane! Still not quite the solo traveler that I wanted to achieve (someday) because I just happen to book my flight a day earlier than my friends which arrived the following day. Solo travelling for a day is a good start, right?

8.  Quit my first job and got hired in a new one

After almost 2 years in my first job as a Ground Staff at our local International Airport here in Cebu, I finally had the guts to quit, had a break for almost 2 months during summer before I tried again and was hired as a Software Engineer. It was something I have been wanting to do even after a year there and it was until later after my Palawan trip that I decided to do so and I’m so glad I did.

7. Had purple hair

Like the typical me, changing my hair color is now just a norm but having purple hair when I had my first few days of training is just a challenge. I know it was not allowed so I had to always put it in a pony tail properly every morning before going to work. I got away with it eventually. lol

6. Booked a ticket for next year’s vacation abroad

Well this isn’t my first travel abroad as I have been out of the country way too many times before but this will be the first travel abroad using my own expense. I’ve done it a few times locally too but being in a foreign country is a totally different experience. And to spend it with someone close to your heart is just another plus.  I can’t wait for February next year!

5.  Thrifted a legit Balenciaga Bag

You see that bag on my first photo? Yes it’s a legit Balenciaga City RH in Anthracite!! The saleslady at that thrift store definitely didn’t recognize the bag and sold it for less. It was crazy!!

4.  Adopted a dog and named him Chikoy

This was originally Sophia and Jesse‘s dog but they have so much in their plate at that moment that having 5 dogs was such a chore. They had me adopt one and since then he just brought sunshine into our home. He was named choco chip when he first entered our home but eventually called Chikoy by my family. What made Chikoy even more special is that he has this weird condition which gave him attacks every now and then and he is a bit crippled which is the reason behind his cute way of walking. haha! His imperfection made us love him even more!

3. Traveled to Manila

Last October I had the chance to fly to the capital city of Manila with Sophia and Jesse for vacation. It was my first city tour after a long time and went to Divisoria for the first time too! I also got to attend the Manila Fame event and the entrepreneur in me was inspired. (Follow my online shop here!) Despite having left my hard drive in our airbnb, overall I had such a great time and even met a few new friends there!

2. Celebrated Christmas Day with family

If you’ve been following me on my IG Stories then you knew that our whole family were gathered together to celebrated Christmas Day with a Korean themed dinner! My dad made every side dish from scratch and it was delicious! We exchanged gifts and had a few games. It was a fun night and I am grateful for times like this.


Last and definitely not the least, If you haven’t still noticed yet, I finally bought my own domain!!! My blog is officially KEISEEEINTHECITY.COM!! I have been wanting to get my own domain for the longest time but due to other life priorities, I just had to delay it and just this month, I finally got it! I can’t wait to create more beautiful content by 2018!

UntitledIMG_4552 (3)DSCF2120 (3) 


21762672_10213085978279889_4489643009910971012_o (1)Untitled And how can I forget? Thank YOU! for being a part of my 2017. Our keiseeeinthecity family may not be as huge as some other blogger or other content creator there is but I am thankful for each and every one of you! To all that of the brands that I had the privilege to be working with this year, I thank you for your trust. I can’t wait for what 2018 has in store for me!


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