ABS-CBN TVPlus Internet Now in Cebu!

ABS-CBN TVplus, the country’s first digital terrestrial television product, which transformed the television viewing experience of Filipinos, is rolling out its internet-ready DTT boxes branded as ABS-CBN TVplus Internet in select areas in Cebu and Davao.

I few days back, I had the chance to attend the product launch here in Cebu which was held at the Quest Hotel. We were introduced by ABS-CBN’s newest product – the ABS-CBN TVplus Internet. This newest innovation from ABS-CBN TVplus allows every household to enjoy wireless internet on top of what ABS-CBN TVplus already offers.

What is it?

The ABS-CBN TVplus Internet basically is like the existing TVplus modem which has digital picture and sound, exclusive channels and features but with internet capability and built-in apps where you can load up and use depending on your internet needs. This way, you can fully control your data usage at home without having to commit to a monthly payment.

Unlike the previous product which is in a white box, ABS-CBN TVplus Internet comes in a black box or what they call as their “maliwagang black box”. The box contains the modem, a remote control and the prepaid broadband stick which is powered by ABS-CBN mobile.


So you need the Prepaid broadband that comes with the maliwagang box to be able to have internet and you plug this in into the modem. Since it is a prepaid broadband, you can just  load it up and register using ABS-CBN’s promos including KSURF99, KSURF199 and KSURF30 to have internet connectivity.

KSURF199 (2.5GB for 30 days)
KSURF99 (1GB for 30 days)
KSURF30 (350MB for 7 days)

Powered by the ABS-CBNmobile prepaid broadband stick, the new ABS-CBN TVplus Internet box also functions as a WiFi Hotspot that owners can connect to the internet. The internet-ready box allows up to four devices to connect. Once connected to the internet, you can also make use of of their built-in app such as Facebook, Wikipedia, iWantTV Express directly from your TV screen!


1. Get your mobile number by pressing MOBILE NO button of your remote control.
2. Go to any loading center of ABS-CBNmobile and load on your mobile no.
3. Press MENU button of remote. Go to INTERNET. Choose Register to Promo Load and press OK.

Where Can I Buy This?

ABS-CBN TVplus Internet box can be bought at AC/DC Electronics, Advance Radio Electronics, Aerophone, Asian Home Appliance, Cebu Advance Electronics, Des Strong Motors, Gaisano Grand, Juliahann’s Appliances, Maxtech, and Smartzone outlets in Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City and Talisay City.

The maliwagang box can be bought for a one-time fee of P2,999 which already comes with a free 500MB data to help you jump start the new digibox. Warranty period for the Digibox and the Internet broadband stick is up to 12 months from the date of purchase and the accessories has 1 month warranty.

Unfortunately this product has only been made available in selected cities in Cebu and Davao for now. I heard they will eventually launch this by next year in Metro Manila.

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