5 Promod Denim Must Haves!

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Last Saturday, Promod Philippines invited us over for brunch at The Pyramid to meet five of their latest Denim Collection namely: GASPARD, EMILE, ERNEST, LOUIS and LUCIEN.

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To start the season autumn winter 2017 Promod creates a line of timeless jeans by highlighting: GASPARD, EMILE, ERNEST, LOUIS and LUCIEN. I love how #PromodDenim caters different kinds of style, cuts and shade of jeans for every woman. You will definitely find a favorite!


GASPARD is the most basic skinny jeans that everyone loves. This is probably the most versatile among the others which can be paired with almost everything. They specifically has that cut that slenderizes the legs and shape up the curves!


If you are the kind that needs that extra omph, this is the perfect jeans for you!  ERNEST is designed to show off your curves and express your body just the way it is. It helps shapes the buttocks and highlights the waist. It makes you feel good about your body by loving it exactly how it is.


70s fashion is definitely making its comeback and LOUIS is a perfect example of that. This iconic vintage staple of the 70s recreated to defy this season’s style trends. LOUIS is the ultra-feminine and is perfect when paired with sky high stilettos or chunky heels (which btw makes you 10x taller ;))


The most modern type of skinnies is certainly the EMILE. This high-waisted jeans is flattering – it tones the tummy area and slenderize the waist. This Taille Haute Skinny sits high and above the hips, elongates the legs and makes the most out of your waistline. A modern twist you want to try!

LUCIEN1Last and definitely not the least is my top choice when it comes to jeans – LUCIEN a.k.a. the Boyfriend jeans. This type of style may be loose fitting but this still outlines the waist and smooths out bulges without making you look too baggy. I am all about comfort and Lucien has it! Very laid back and casual perfect for a day full of errands!

Oh wait, did I mention that each style comes in different shade? Yes you can have them in black/dark, blue denim, or in light washed! More options for all of us. Yay!

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That’s it for the Jeans! But they didn’t just show us their wide selection of jeans but we also got first dibs at their AW 17 Collection just two days before it came available in stores! So much pieces to love! I Can’t wait to visit their store at Ayala Center Cebu and at Sm City Cebu as soon as I can!

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IMG_0144 (2)

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Below are some of my fave from their whole AW collection.


You can see more on their official website here. You may also follow Promod PH’s Instagram and Facebook page for more of their latest promotions.

Speaking of Promotions:



Happy Shopping!

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