Off Duty


I work full-time (not as a blogger ha) almost 6 days a week and I always make sure to plan my rest day ahead so it can be either productive, relaxing or fun and worth it!

As I’ve mentioned, I almost only have a day of rest for the week which is mostly on Sundays. This is also the only day of the week where I get to spend time with my boyfriend (sounds cheesy I know lol) since he works 6 days a week too! Not to mention he is currently assigned at Toledo which is somewhere south of Cebu, like 3-4 hours away from where I am. That being said, he always makes sure to visit me here in the city during Sundays to spend some quality time. (awwwwww. Okay I’m losing track now haha!)

That is the reason why we always plan our day ahead especially on Sundays for us to make the most of our time since we only get to see each other once a week. Casual Sundays usually consists of visiting the mall, pigging out together,  trying out new cafes and restaurants in town, spending quality time with our friends (and of course, squeezing an OOTD shots in between) or even just staying at home being lazy!

For this specific Sunday, it was a movie kind of day. We also tagged along my boyfriend’s younger brother with us to watch Doctor Strange. It was actually their choice of movie since I am not really into the Marvel Saga. Good thing the movie did NOT disappoint and I did enjoy watching it from start to finish.


On to my look: what I wore was something that is laid back but will also keep me warm inside the cinema. A vertical stripe polo, denim washed pants and a comfortable Birkenstock was my choice for that day. My look is simple but definitely screams comfort! Don’t you agree?


Thrifted Top and Bottom | Birkenstock sandals | Bag from Gaisano Grand Mall Talamban | Accessories from Personalizeed on IG and name plated necklaces given by Flawless

I’ve been cramming for the past few days behind my blog especially considering that I don’t usually get my hands on my laptop during my day off, where instead I try to squeeze in time to work on my blog post during the weekdays. It’s the type of cramming where I had lots of things that I wanted to share but just couldn’t make all the time in the world to finish them. Yes I do post regularly now but still the backlogs are getting more and more each week. But being optimistic about it, I think its normal. Not complaining though but I mean, I assume not only me but also other bloggers encounter the same. When I do get the time to work on my blog, it’s either my thoughts or the internet connection is not cooperating which is kinda sad and it all ends up being unproductive at all.


But hey look today’s Monday and I have this post up for you! Well, I guess this is not one of those unproductive days. Horaaaay! All smiles now 🙂

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