Photo Diaries: Maribago Bluewaters

DSCF8463 (2)

After weeks of planning and sorting out our schedules, me and fellow bloggers finally went to Maribago Bluewaters Resort for a much needed beach getaway.

It is actually our first getaway out of the city (aside from hanging out during and after events) and whats the best way to beat the heat this summer than to spend a day time at the beach!

I have to say, it is actually a different experience because all of us somehow relate to each other. You know that feeling when you’re  in a place so beautiful that you wanted to take photos of yourself with your outfit, or an artsy photo for your instagram, or snapchat just about everything random for your friends to see but you’re uncomfortable in doing it because you know you’ll get comments from friends thinking that you are weird or something. But with these people im with, you wouldn’t feel awkward doing so because they too are doing the same thing. Like you wouldn’t get comments like “cgeg picture oi” or  “blaaager ohhh” and other comments you get when you’re on a getaway with some other friends. I’m not blaming those kind of friends though but you get my point! hehehe

DSCF8383 (2)

We took advantage of the place and spent the whole morning shooting for our blogs. Btw, this is not a sponsored post. We went there as normal guest and we’re very happy of Maribago Bluewaters’ warm welcome during our visit.

DSCF8470 (2)

Day use of the resort is already inclusive of lunch buffet at their restaurant – Allegro.

DSCF8468 (2)

Have a scoop of ice cream to beat the heat for only P50.

DSCF8471 (2)

Pool side chill.

DSCF8473 (2)DSCF8353 (2)

Btw, I blogged about what i wore here.

DSCF8478 (2)DSCF8476 (2)DSCF8480 (2)DSCF8477 (2)

Beach front bungalows.

DSCF8481 (2)

Good thing we went there on a Monday as there are less people around the resort.

DSCF8482 (2)DSCF8347 (2)DSCF8483 (2)

DSCF8508 (2)DSCF8511 (2)

The sunset was perfect to cap off the day.

DSCF8513 (2)DSCF8516 (2)

I’m just so happy of the thought that we don’t only gather together during events but also actually considering spending time together as close friends by having fun activities like this!

GOPR7101 (2)

Looking forward to another getaway with these bunch! Part 2? or maybe 3? Yes please!!!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Diaries: Maribago Bluewaters

  1. So this is actually the place my friends keep on blabbing about. Hmm, I guess they’re right, it’s so whimsical there. I wish I can visit such place soon. Great place, great photos too! 🙂

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