AllThingsPretty x ZALORA Marketplace

As what I have mentioned on my previous post, I will be sharing to you my new partnership with my online shop but before that, lemme share a little history of my “shop” and how it all started hehe. Well if you aren’t still aware, I started a ‘mini’ online shop at around June/July of last year (2013) on Instagram. “Mini” because it really started out of boredom and just for fun and also my way to earn extra money for my personal needs/wants and I didn’t really imagine it to be something serious. I started selling my pre-loved clothes and also customized high waisted shorts which was really a huge hit on my shop. I remember girls texting me asking, “hi sis when’s your next batch, pls tag meee!” or something like that and didn’t expect it to be so on demand that time and it inspired me to make more! Then considered selling thrifted, pre-order and brand new items at a very affordable price up until now! My aim is to sell clothes at a very reasonable price for students like me can afford from our daily school allowance and by having this aim on my mind til now, AllThingsPretty Shop became something more than “just for fun”.

Just last month, I am very lucky to be chosen as one of the Cebu Online Sellers to be invited by Philippines’ greatest online fashion destination, ZALORA PHILIPPINES specifically ZALORA MARKETPLACE!! Their team flew all the way from Manila just to personally meet us here in Cebu and I couldn’t be more flattered. I mean, who would have imagine that I will be given this opportunity for my shop!? Right!? Like OMG!!

By the way, to give you an idea what Zalora Marketplace is, well it is :

“An exclusive fashion community where local
independent boutiques are given equal
opportunity to showcase their products and
reach new customers online.
We seek out talented up-and-coming local
fashion entrepreneurs to instantly expand their
business and tap into ZALORA’s huge network.”

And to make the long story short, after a few meeting with the team I decided to go for it! Dba why not!? and without further ado here’s my 1st batch of brand new items that is exclusively available on Zalora Marketplace!

aa batch 1 october 2014Please excuse me for being the model of my own shop LOL. To be honest, I can’t provide a legit model/MUA/Photographer for a real photoshoot as of the moment but hopefully soon!! But for those Cebu based model/photographer who is willing to help me out, pleaseeee don’t hesitate to let me know!! 😀

✓Free shipping nationwide
✓Cash on Delivery in all key cities and other payment methods
✓Free returns within 30 days

You can shop AllThingsPretty Shop at Zalora Marketplace HERE.
you can also follow AllThingsPretty Shop on Instagram and like our Facebook page.

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