20 Random Facts About Me

This has been all over my social media and it’s actually quite fun reading random facts from your ‘not-so-close’ friends on Instagram or facebook. I was tagged by a good friend Issa Perez from IssaPlease and decided to share this here on my blog since I also feel like I haven’t really introduce myself that much, so here goes — 20 (random) facts about me:

1. My full name is Katrina Cara A. Enrera, but surname was originally ‘Fong’.
2. have chinese blood, therefore, chinay :))
3. I am totally blind without my glasses. (kanang murag picture na na blurr, yes mao na ako panan.aw), wears contacts occasionally tho 🙂
4. Wears headband everytime to prevent my loose glasses from falling off hahaha!
5. conscious of my forehead :)) my bangs are there for a reason. Lol
6. Wants to sell/have a business or sees myself as an architect/interior designer BUT I dunno why in the world I took engineering lol (specifically ECE but so proud ive made it this far!)
7. I have this obsession of collecting 2pcs swimwears but don’t have that much confidence to wear them out on public! Lol
8. I’m a shy type kind of person esp during a 1st meet up but once im comfortable with you na then get ready for some crazy sh*t! :))
9. I love to travel (local or intl), its my way of learning from the experience it gives me.
10. I believe im a frugal kind of person, like I’d rather shop on thrift stores + dinner wd bf + movie with popcorn pa! Rather than spending thousands of pesos on a single piece of clothing 🙂
11. yes I thrift shop!  You’ll be surprised on what you can find on thrift stores!
12. but a hoarder sometimes, collecting things I barely use.
13. I love taking pictures on just about anything, esp on beautiful sceneries. 🙂
14. Loves DIY projects!
15. I like to be a ramp model but my fats says no! Lol but was on a school fashion show 4 times during my college yrs. #skinnydays
16. actually stayed and studied in an American int’ll school of Dhaka, Bangladesh during junior HS (but started as a freshmen when I was there due to wala pata ma K to 12)
17. I only know how to do my kilay just recently but other than that, I know nothing about make up unlike my sister who’s a MUA.
18. I love hanging out at the beach but actually hates swimming in it due to eye irritation, prefers swimming pools 🙂
19. finally gave blogging a shot again after many failed attempts and so far so good!
20. was tagged by blogger friend @issaplease which I haven’t still met but it feels like we’ve been friends for a long time na! Hehehe

20 factsAnd as how this game works, I tagged a few people on my Facebook post! I hope you had fun reading this as much as I had fun composing these facts (feel gani nako kuwang pani lol).

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