Keeping It Minimal

???????????????????????Hi everyone!! I know I know I haven’t blogged for almost a month now and I do apologies about that. I was just busy with so many things — school, ate duties, running errands and managing my online shop. Yes I do have one but it’s just a mini shop where I sell either pre-loved, thrifted and brand new items! You can check my shop on Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

So for today’s ‘come back’ post, I’ll show you what I wore to an opening event last month at

Ayala Center Cebu (more on that on my next post). Since it was my first invite, especially because it involved FOOD, I decided to keep it simple, loose and something comfortable (cz a body hugging dress is a no no for me in this event and also I don’t find bodycon dresses flattering on my body lol). #explainjud


I wore this over used top with this old shorts specially made by my Ammah (lola, father’s side in Chinese) a long time ago when she stayed here in Cebu. I actually almost forgot I had this on my wardrobe until I decided to organize my clothes again. lol! Also used my LV Speedy bag that I got from Korea and finished my boring/plain look with these layers of necklace from Forever21 🙂??????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ???????????????????????Glam up my bag with this brown printed scarf 🙂??????????????????????? ???????????????????????

Btw, I did my own hair for this look. Since I really don’t have any talent for make up  unlike my sister whose a make up artist (yes I know! what’s wrong with me? lol), so I made sure to at least curl up my hair to compliment my whole look. Let me know what you think! (Also planning to cut it short, like below the shoulders short but at the same time feel sayang since I’ve been wanting long mermaid hair for the longest time! Should I go for short hair? or just trim it up a bit?)???????????????????????

Top : Reversible Top from Gaisano Grand Mall, Talamban | Shorts : Made by Ammah | Shoes :  Payless | Bag : Louis Vuitton Speedy | Accessories : Forever 21

..and oh! It’s almost that time of the year again! Countdown til Christmas eve officially starts now as we welcome the first BERRRR month of the year! May the month of September bring you happiness and joy until the end of the year! 🙂

Love, Katrina :3

2 thoughts on “Keeping It Minimal

    1. Hi Adrianne! Glad you liked my blog. I’m also new here, just moved in last June from tumblr and my old wordpress 🙂 I enjoy reading your post too! *following!* looking forward for more! 😀

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