Kiss and Make Up Workshop in CEBU!


During my highschool days, I remember my girl classmates doing their eyeliners before class, experimenting on different colors for their eyeshadows and what nots in between classes. I on the other hand is either always late in class, or if not I remember playing “pogs” with the boys while waiting for teacher to arrived. Never did the tomboy-ish side of me thought that one day I also will be interested in learning how to apply makeup like what my girl classmates would do back then.

My interest in “makeup” started during my late university days. It started when I attended a few fashion shows in our school and was so dolled up, to starting using baby powder, to actually trimming/shaping my brows (imagine how horrible my brows looked like back then haha no TBTs please!!) and some lip tint from my fellow colleagues. It was when I started applying for work (which is not so long ago LOL) that I realize how makeup and grooming is so important for us girls, especially when you’re all alone and nobody’s there to glam you up for your 1st interview. You gotta look good for that 1st impression, right?

I am still no expert when it comes to make up. Yes I did learn a few tips and tricks from watching a couple of youtubers from their “daily routine make up tutorials”, but to be honest, i’m still stuck inside a hole trying to figure things out. So when I received an invite from Kiss and Make Up Workshop  this coming August, 23, 2015 (1:00-5:00 pm) as one of their attendees, I was soooo excited and said YES! Continue reading “Kiss and Make Up Workshop in CEBU!”