Orange Wall


Its already mid May and summer is almost coming to an end (well not really cz it feels like summer all year round here in the Philippines) and I feel like I haven’t shared a lot of outfits this season. So to makeup for it, here’s an outfit I wore when we came to visit my grandparent’s house one afternoon.

I didn’t really plan to get my #ootd taken that day since but this orange wall is just too orange-y to pass on (lol I just made that up but you know what I mean) so I started asking my sister to shoot me. I wore a simple cotton top, shorts and just sandals and that’s it! For me it looked like I spent a lot of minutes getting ready but actually its just a matter of picking up the right prints that matches every details to an outfit and of course comfort is key. As long as you’re comfortable then you’re good to go.  Continue reading “Orange Wall”