CebuDoc Group Introduces HappyDoc Diagnostics

Bridging affordable healthcare, CebuDoc introduces the newest outpatient facility that offers diagnostic services in one go. It provides safe, efficient, state-of-the-art, and competitively-priced patient care.


Approximately two months after it softly opened, the latest outpatient venture of CebuDoc ceremoniously introduced HappyDoc Diagnostics and laid open its services, which are more accessible and affordable for the community.

HappyDoc Diagnostics highlights its one-stop convenience in which, the patients can be catered to with its four major services in one go. An edge among others and elevation from CebuDoc’s own previous diagnostics operation. The facility offers four major services namely; Laboratory, Cardiology, Radiology, and Executive Check-Up Services which is now in full operation.

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It has been said that HappyDoc is a testament that CebuDoc has kept its promise to be the lifelong healthcare of the community that does not limit its accessibility but rather widens its scope to every sector. To materialize this vision, the facility accepts patients availing services thru its Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

The opening of HappyDoc Diagnostics unlocks another ‘first’ of CebuDoc as it is the first outpatient facility of the hospital that carries all diagnostic services a patient desires to avail, in one transaction, and with a designated priority number.


What it means to be Happy?

Cost-efficient Services

Because we value your resources, we have designed packages to make our services within your reach. We have also partnered with more than a hundred insurance companies and HMO to provide an array of payment options.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

Because we value your safety, we have paired our known compassionate care with cutting-edge technology. We believe you deserve the best healthcare and a guaranteed service quality.

One-stop Convenience

Because we value your time, we redesigned our healthcare systems and processes to make patient experience hassle-free. With our one-queue-one-bill system, availing our services is now seamless.

Accessible Healing Environment

Because we value your comfort, we have strategically situated the facility close to doctors’ clinics. With our spacious and straightforward interior, you can have a pleasant healing journey.

Highly-trained Staff

Because we value your experience, we have made sure that our staff are always ready to serve you. Our top-notch service providers underwent extensive training to provide the best patient care. Here, you are valued.


To Doctor Potenciano Larrazabal III, Chairman, and President of CebuDoc Group, the grand launching of HappyDoc emphasizes that CebuDoc has built another medium in bringing healthcare closer to the community with the same elevated healthcare standard.

“Now that we officially unveil the curtains of HappyDoc, we are happy to announce that after two months of soft opening to evaluate and harness our service delivery, the facility is now fully-operational while our services are also available in a full manner,” said the Chairman.

“The opening of this facility is a testament that we listen to our patients and clients. The healthcare landscape was forever changed by the pandemic and we had the chance to embrace the changes it brought. This new perspective helped us see healthcare differently and redefine what it means to be happy,” he added.


As CebuDoc places a high regard of patient care and values each experience you will have each visit, HappyDoc did not just redesigned the healthcare system process, offered advanced diagnostic technology, but also structured a healing environment facility with highly-trained staff.


My top highlight of this launch would have to be the Executive Checkup room. You will have a whole condo-like room all to yourself or your family when you avail this service. This is a good option for patients who wants to have a little bit of privacy, convenience and comfortable space while they wait for their appointments and lab result.

They also offer Executive Checkup packages. You may contact +63 969 616 1096 / 253-7512 loc 736 or email them at to inquire and avail these packages. See photo below:

Untitled Untitled
Me, Aris, Ellen and Jesse at the Executive Checkup room.
The grand launching of HappyDoc was graced with CebuDoc’s administrative core, suppliers, staff, and members of the media.

HappyDoc Diagnostics is located at CDUH Medical Arts Building 1. For questions and inquires, feel free to reach them at their Facebook Page – HappyDoc Diagnostics.


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