Tried Acupuncture For The First Time

The moment I posted on my socials of me having to go through this treatment, I already received a lot of inquires. Is it effective? Does it hurt? What is that even?

I tried Acupuncture treatment last weekend and I am here to share to you how it went.  By all means, I am no way an expert. Everything in this post is just based from my own personal experience and knowledge from what I am told. Feel free to correct me if I have points that are incorrect and such. Thank you! 🙂

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine where it stimulates certain points on the body, most often with a needle penetrating the skin, to alleviate pain or to help treat various health conditions.

How does Acupuncture work?

The treatment is said to help relieve pain of the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, the practice of Acupuncture/Moxibustion aims to restore proper energy flow to the various organs and tissues of the body. They stand on the premise that most diseases are results of disrupted energy or qi, in the body. Acupuncture stimulates points on or under the skin called acupuncture points or acupressure points, releasing this qi. The qi then travels through channels called meridians or pathways in the human body is said to bring the energy flow back into proper balance. This kind of method has long been recognized as an effective treatment for:

  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • knee pain
  • headache and migraine

My Acupuncture Experience at Liso Japanese Acupuncture

Like I said, this was my first time trying this treatment ever. I did heard about it before but never knew we had a place in Cebu that does exactly this. I went to Liso Japanese Acupuncture somewhere in capitol area – Unit 102, Teresita Apt., Cor. Orchid St. and, Jasmin St, Cebu City, Cebu to be exact.

For the record, I was invited to try their treatment but rest assured I am not paid to say all this. My opinions are based from my own experience and I’m trying to be as transparent as i can be with my thoughts.

2019-09-16 01.47.01 4

My appointment was set at 3pm and I arrived quite early so I had a bit of a waiting time before my turn. The place has a few parking slots just in front of the place which was convenient for us customers.

The place is quite new, they just transferred here last June 2019 (if im not mistaken) from their old place which was just inside their compound nearby. The place was simple, neat, clean and nothing so fancy which I really appreciate.

Clearly upon entering the place, I had no idea what to expect. I came in wearing a dress in case if i had to take it off then it would be much easier for me. I also watched s few videos on YouTube the night before my visit. Was I afraid? Not really. Was I nervous? sort of. Was I excited? Heck yes!

2019-09-16 01.42.40 1

It was finally 3pm and I was assisted to the ‘room’ covered with curtains. Then a Japanese lady came in and introduced herself. Her name was Ayumi – a Japanese acupuncturist.

Ayumi has been in the field of acupuncture and oriental medicine for 12 years and brings extensive clinical experience at one of Tokyo’s leading acupuncture clinic in Tokyo, Japan for 5 years and also has many experience to treat people from all over the world on cruise ships for 7 years. Ayumi uses her acupuncture treatment skill and experience to treat all types of pain conditions, arthritis, sciatica, infertility, gynecological disorder and even facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

2019-09-16 01.46.20 1

She then started to ask me questions about how I am feeling right now. I mentioned how I am suffering from lower back pain (due to bad posture), shoulder pain (from too much  badminton i guess) and having irregular menstrual cycle since I can remember. She took notes and assisted me to lay on the bed facing up. She then checked my wrist and ask me about my sleep cycle. I was kind of shookt, not sure if she just asked me that randomly or was it because she figured something out based on just checking on my wrist. That I do not know but to answer the question, I believe I am a nocturnal and if I had to really wake up early for work the next morning then I get less sleeping hours than normal. Which happens regularly.

2019-09-16 01.58.27 1

She then started to insert the needles on my body. Two on my right wrist (photo above), one on my left (photo below) and a couple on my lower leg. Does it hurt? Not really.

I had them for around 20 mins. It’s kind of relaxing actually.

2019-09-16 01.58.27 2

She also used the Moxa treatment on me on each of my inner leg. It is said to help with my menstrual problem. Moxibustion, also called moxa treatment is performed by burning small cones of dried leaves on certain designated points of the body, generally the same points as those used in acupuncture.

Around 20 minutes passed and she started to remove the needles. She then asked me so lay down facing the floor and started to insert the needles on my back which are a lot! I don’t have a photo but I counted and it was more than 20! I also had some needles inserted on my lower back head. It does sounds scary but again not painful at all.

Another 20 mins has passed and I swear I felt my saliva almost dripping in the middle of the 2nd part and realized I was already asleep. Also the pain on my lower back started to fade away! Like omg how is this possible.

2019-09-16 01.58.28 1

Final Thoughts and Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Does it hurt?
No. Not at all. Not saying this because i somewhat have a high pain tolerance but the needles are really just as fine as a hair strand. You can maybe feel it inserted on your body at some areas but not painful at all.

Does it really relieve the pain?
From my experience, yes! I came in with a back pain and after the session, I felt so light. It feels weird to actually feel that way because it seems to me that having that back pain for months already is normal. I never felt like that for a long time.

Doesn’t it bleed when inserted to your body?
No. Well not from my experience at Liso. The possible complications  of Acupuncture / Moxibustion are bruise, shock, bleeding but their therapist are licensed and trained for decades to avoid these risk. A slight internal bleeding may occur since the needles is inserted into the skin, capillary vessels and the muscles. This type of shallow internal bleeding seldom turns to a bruise, and dissapears within a few weeks. Finally, the skin recovers throuh its own reviving powers. This does not indicate mistakes or maltreatment, but it’s one of the normal reactions of the living body.

The Acupuncturist at Liso is a Japanese?
Yes. Ayumi and I believe another guy acupuncturist they have at Liso is a legit Japanese. They flew them in straight from Japan by schedule. During my visit, it was Ayumi’s schedule visit at the clinic.

How much is it?
I must say it is quite expensive to be honest. 3,500 pesos for a single session but Liso Japanese Acupuncture currently has a special introductory price of 2,900 per session. Not sure until when though.

Is it really worth it?
If the rate is not an issue for you then the answer is definitely yes! But I believe the sessions must be taken regularly, not like every week (but why not? lol) but in a couple of months maybe. Because from what I understand, If you are still doing the current lifestyle you have which caused your body pains then I believe the it will definitely come back and feel the pain again somehow. That is why it is still important to be in a active lifestyle and to eat healthy.

2019-09-16 01.47.01 3

That’s it. I hope I was able to give you the full details of my first time acupuncture experience. Let me know if you have any more details you’d like to know or questions you want me to answer. Feel free to comment down below and I’ll try my best to get back to them.

2019-09-16 01.47.00 1

Feel free to check Liso Japanese Acupuncture on Facebook for more info.


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