Magnum Pleasure Store Opens in Cebu!

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The sweet tooth in me was happy when I knew make your own Magnum in Cebu is happening but when I received an invitation to the Magnum Cebu Exclusive Pre-Opening Event, I got even more excited! Like super excited I was not even late during the event LOL!

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Magnum ice cream, the brand synonymous to Belgian chocolate indulgence, definitely knows how to take their signature ice cream bars to the next level.  With a growing variety of decadent flavors, including the latest dark chocolate offering called the Magnum Infinity, Magnum is bringing its Belgian chocolate indulgence to life in Cebu as it opens its newest Pleasure Store in SM Seaside City Cebu.

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The Magnum Pleasure Store is a global concept, where pleasure seekers can enjoy the ultimate Belgian chocolate experience of Making Your Own Magnum. Currently in SM Mall of Asia, the global concept is now available for pleasure seekers in the Queen City of the South as it opens in one of the biggest premium shopping malls of Cebu:  SM Seaside City.  This haven of chocolate and ice cream indulgence, called Magnum Cebu, will allow for mall-goers to get inspired by an array of rich Belgian chocolate flavors, and exciting premium toppings to create truly unique Magnum bars.

DSCF4986 (2)

Since I was one of the first in town to actually make my own Magnum (behind the bars) at Cebu’s first and only Magnum Pleasure Store, then this is my chance to share with you photos on how to make your own customized bar in a few simple steps!

DSCF4982 (2)

Step 1 – Choose 3 toppings

DSCF5085 (2)

You can play safe by choosing the classic picks that you know will sure go well on your bars like marshmallows or dark/milk/white chocolate crunch balls

DSCF4985 (2)

You could also go with the special, luxurious toppings like freeze-dried raspberries , pistachios or sun dried rose petals. Yes you heard it right – sun dried rose petals!

DSCF4993 (2)

Or be adventurous with toppings like chili, sea salt flakes and Nerds!

thumb_DSCF5634_1024 (2)

After deciding on your top 3 toppings, they put this in a cocktail shaker and they shake this to mix your chosen toppings all together. I look so happy behind the bars LOL

thumb_DSCF5638_1024 (2)

Step 2 – You select a “naked” Magnum bar of silky Vanilla or rich Chocolate ice cream

DSCF4996 (2)

Step 3 – Get to choose amongst white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate to coat your chosen naked magnum bar

thumb_DSCF5642_1024 (2)thumb_DSCF5646_1024 (2)

Step 4 – Sprinkle with your chosen toppings

thumb_DSCF5651_1024 (2)

Step 5 – Drizzle with a choice of white, milk or dark chocolate

thumb_DSCF5653_1024 (2)

Step 6 – The store’s Pleasure Maker will top it off with an their signature M coin

thumb_DSCF5654_1024 (2)

TADAAAAAA! A customized Belgian chocolate masterpiece of your own dreaming and yours to enjoy!

thumb_DSCF5658_1024 (3)DSCF5071 (2)

All this for 120PHP!

DSCF5064 (2)

On top of all these, Magnum Cebu is set to launch new limited edition toppings  consumers can add to their favorite Make Your Own Magnum bar on the next few weeks. More reasons to come back! Yay!

Here are some photos of my fellow blogger’s creation:

DSCF5025 (2)DSCF5079 (2)DSCF5058 (2)DSCF5080 (2)DSCF5077 (2)

The Pleasure Magnum Store is open to public starting November 17, 2016 and can be found at the upper ground floor of the Mountain Wing of SM Seaside City Cebu, right across Starbucks. Keeping true to the pop-up concept of every store, Magnum Cebu will be open for a limited time only, so be sure to enjoy this blissfully delicious signature Magnum bar before it lands in a different city.

Magnum Cebu Pop-up Store (2)DSCF5005 (2)DSCF4978 (2)

The first 50 customers to show up daily with a Magnum Cebu photo from November 17 to November 27, 2016 will have the chance to indulge in a free Make Your Own Magnum bar! All they need to do is visit Magnum Cebu and share the promo photo found on Magnum PH’s Facebook page to claim their prize.

Go now and indulge yourself in pure Belgian chocolate pleasure!

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