Online brands made available at Emporium Cebu!

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Have you heard of Emporium Cebu? If you are one sassy fashionista girl, I’m sure you already know what place this is. 

Thank the clothing Gods (if ever they exist! lol) Finally a place where all our favorite online brands from all over the country gather under one roof and have their physical store here in Cebu. Emporium Cebu is Cebu’s home of top online stores including some of my faves like Lulu_EF, Tutum shop, Diday’s Hinayhay, Let’s Stylize, Salty Ripples, Jukaykay and so much more!

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We got the chance to be invited at their soft opening last March 11, 2016. Got to see the place first hand and since then people are flocking into the place and more and more brand are made available at Emporium.

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DSCF8121 (2)

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DSCF8123 (2)DSCF8124 (2)

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I’m kind of thankful that this place is quite far from where I lived or else ill end up tempted to go shopping every time especially because each brand replenish their stocks almost every few week so you will not get the same items every time you visit. I was there twice already and ooooh girl, didn’t go home empty handed every time!

DSCF8133 (2)

DSCF8140 (2)DSCF8157 (2)

DSCF8149 (2)DSCF8147 (2)DSCF8137 (2)DSCF8138 (2)DSCF8139 (2)

Emporium is officially open last May 7, 2016 and is open everyday from 11am – 8pm. Located at Corner Lucio Lopez Drive, V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu (beside Queensland). You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

So when you need some retail therapy, you know where to go. 😉

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