Barbecue Nights at Circa 1900

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Conversations with family and friends are best shared over their selection of succulent meats and fresh seafood, grilled to perfection while they take you through a culinary experience. That is something you can experience when dining at Circa 1900’s Barbecue Nights. 

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Shameless to say, it is my first time at this lovely restaurant and was glad to try out their ‘Barbecue nights’ on my very first visit here. I really did enjoy my dinner! Imagine the choices of US Beef Ribeye, Persian Chicken, Snapper Fillet, Ginger Miso Calamari with Coriander Shoyu Prawns or try the Korean Style Extra Spicy Rork Ribs. You sure wont go home with an empty stomach!

DSCF8164 (2)

DSCF8186 (2)

Tamarind Garlic Calamari Skewers with Coriander Ginger Prawns
Mango Red Curry sauce – Php 645

DSCF8189 (2)

Mirin & Yellow Miso Glazed Snapper Fillet with Basil & Black Sesame Seeds 
Php 495

DSCF8196 (2)

Korean Style Extra Spicy Pork Ribs (Dwaeji Galbi)
Served with Cabbage Kimchi (Yangbaechu Kimchee) – Php 495

DSCF8183 (2)

Persian ½ Chicken
Yoghurt Aioli & BBQ dipping sauce – Php 395

DSCF8181 (2)

US Beef Ribeye with Black Pepper, Mustard & Aussie Beef Sausage
Cabernet Sauvignon Jus & Mushrooms – Php 695

DSCF8203 (2)

Family Platter for 6
Share all of the above Barbecue dishes
Large Bowl of Circa Garden Salad (photo below)
Garlic Mash or Thai Vegetable Fried Rice

DSCF8207 (2)

A complimentary bottle of ‘Morande Pionero Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah – Rose‘ will also be given to you when you order the Family Platter for 6.

DSCF8200 (2)

and don’t forget their yummy selection of desserts:

DSCF8212 (2)

DSCF8224 (2)

DSCF8220 (2)

Barbecue Nights at Circa 1900 will be available from April 7 until June 8, 2016.

For Inquires and reservations, please call (032) 239 6265.
You can also follow them on
Instagram @circa1900
Twitter @CircaCebu
Facebook Circa Cebu

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