I have really been wanting to visit this place for a very long time now. One is because it is located at my Alma Mater – University of San Carlos, Talamban Campus and two, because I’ve never been to any stadium as large as this one in my life! I only see this in movies and every time I think about it, the scene of Hillary Duff being kissed by Chad Michael Murray from the movie A Cinderella Story always comes to my mind. LOL

If you have been wondering why I haven’t visited our stadium while I was in school, well because it was built the moment we graduated about a year ago. Bad timing I know but nevertheless I’m glad that somehow I was able to contribute in the progress of making this come to life (from our tuition that is :D). DSC_0364DSC_0414DSC_0369DSC_0371DSC_0368

It was Thursday when Jesse, Sophia and I wanted to do outfit shots together before hanging out and thought this place would be the perfect venue for it; also considering that the three of us was once a Carolinian and really wanted to see the place when its empty. I decide go on a black and white ensemble with this grid pattern (sleeveless) shirt dress from Penshoppe. I love how comfortable shirt dresses are and are very effortless. It’s one of those wardrobe essential that is perfect for lazy days. Imagine when you don’t have enough time to plan your outfit, you can just put a shirt dress on, add a bit of accessories and you’re good to go!
DSC_0372 DSC_0373

As for this outfit, I added a black fedora hat, a dainty long necklace, a pair of high cut chuck taylors and a simple tote bag to finish off my look. So Basic! I also love how my outfit pops out from those red railings! What do you think?

Dress from Penshoppe.


Penshoppe is opening another store on the 27th of November at SM Seaside Cebu with its biggest store in the country! You can follow them on facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details!

Thank you again to Jesse Jake for my photos!

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