Omg do you know how long this post have been sitting on my drafts for ALL. THIS. TIME??? I totally thought that I already posted this entry on my blog but anyway what’s important is that now I can get to share this to all of you!

If you remembered last summer (with my long red locks), I was invited to the grand launch of EA Party Place and Needs (which I blogged about here) and this is what I wore during the event. I wanted to be in theme by sporting this cute pink shirt I scored at the thrift store and paired it with a black skater skirt to tone down the neon pink top. Black Sling bag, a statement necklace and a pony tail hairstyle to finish up my look that day. Tell me what you think!Fotor_142667795756970 Fotor_143128863613147 Fotor_143128856626440 Fotor_143128804333837

Pink top: Trifted | Skirt : Sm Dept Store | Bag : borrowed from sister

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