White Summer Dress


I know this post is soooo last season considering the rainy days lately but I just cant help but miss the summer days. I wore this a few weeks back when we toured my bf’s brother on his trip here in Cebu. We went to visit the world’s largest floating library, MV Logos Hope. Then went straight to Fort San Pedro where these photos are taken. Didn’t really plan on taking an outfit shoots but the place is too picturesque to pass on. 

Paired this simple white summer dress with my newly bought lace up sandals. Perfect for the sunny weather that day.Fotor_143350404452425Fotor_14335035850903Fotor_143350353626462Fotor_143297076915264

Dress fromTaiwan | lace up sandals from SnH fashion (@snh_fashion on instagram) | bag: thrifted

I know I’ve been MIA for a while and I apologies. I was just too busy concentrating to pass my training and completing all my requirements for work. hihi

Hope you’re all having a blessed sunday!

Love, Katrina :3

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