Christmas Wishlist!

I can’t believe how time flies so fast! I feel like it was just yesterday that I officially started blogging here on keiseeeinthecity this year and now, the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas and a new year is coming very soon!

I just finished decorating and lighting up our Christmas tree a few days ago, and now I can finally feel the Christmas spirit here in our home since then! But talking about the upcoming holidays, the one thing that I am most excited about are PRESENTS!! I mean, don’t you feel the same way too? Giving and receiving gifts are the best part of the holidays. That feeling when you wish your parents will give you something you had an eye on for the longest time that you can’t have, probably because it’s not available at your town for you to buy, or your savings are not enough to have it, like a Camera, Laptop or even that watch that you’ve been dying to have. Well for me, my no. 1 wishlist for the upcoming Christmas would definitely be a good luxurious Watch!

If I were to spoil myself for the upcoming Christmas, aside from wanting to have a luxurious bag (like that Yves Saint Laurent bag on the photo below, which is way way out of my budget LOL), I would definitely spend it on a watch. Why? because I want something that is timeless, so versatile, something that you can wear on any occasion like a formal event, party, work, or even just a casual day with your friends. Not only that, a watch is so useful for you to keep track of the time, and be organize!

blog invalubleWhile browsing for a good luxurious watch online, I came across a great website called Invaluable, the world’s premiere online marketplace.  It is basically an auction site where you can bid on a designer watch of your dreams! I found this CARTIER Watch on their site which I absolutely love. So I came up with a look that I would see myself wearing on Christmas Day with this gorgeous watch I found at Invaluable. I would wear this Strapless Jumpsuit from H&M, pair it with a black ankle strap from ZaloraPH, a geometric necklace from Mango and a classic Monogramme Tassel satchel from YSL (as seen on the photo above).

What do you think about this look? Would you see yourself rocking this look on Christmas day or any formal event you might have? If not, let me know how you would style this Cartier Watch, I would love to see them! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram — @keiseee!

And oh wait, did I mention that this watch belongs to the men’s section? Who says that us girls can’t rock a men’s watch, right?

Love, Katrina :3

Shop this look : Cartier Watch from Invaluable.comStrapless Jumpsuit from H&M, Heels from, Geometric Necklace from Mango, Sling bag from YSL.

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